Sunday, November 21, 2010

GL Winter King & Queen Vendors

The Greatest Love Winter King & Queen Hunt will begin Dec 18th. Below is a list of participating stores and hints.  Not all stores provided hints.  Many stores have hint givers. 
1. Dulce Secrets
Hint: 1 - Santa's sack holds your royal scepter.
        2 - This tropical plant is a Christmas tradition.
2. 22769 Casual Couture
Hint: Check the Hint giver on our events wall (Where all the hunt posters are.) for current up to date hint.  We change hideouts on a regular basis.
3. Creative Muse Designs
Hint: Up, up, up you go, I hear the third floor is where you'll see things.
4. Foxworth Creations
Hint: Hints can be found in the twisted wooded heat hint giver at the landing point and in the hunt info area.
5. Iced
6. Razorblade Jacket
Hint: Sit upon your Royal throne and you shall find your scepter.
7. Aster's Builts
Hint: Check hint giver
8. Exquisitely Exposed
Hint: The Sky's the limit
9. Ignition
Hint: Check the hint giver.
10. Eluszion
Hint: Santa left a present under the tree for you!
11. Fractal Designs
Hint: I need to fix that draft before the snow comes.
12. Timeless Textures
Hint: Check the hint giver
Hint: Snowflakes gather near the window sill some fall some melt.
14. Jugg & Jinja's Boutique
Hint: Check Hint Giver
15. Dahllywood
Hint: Luckily, I won't make you stay in the corner.
16. Moulliez
Hint: Look towards Egypt and you will find me.
17. Sugar & Spice
Hint: Pick up the phone and call me.
18. Slacy's
Hint: Prizes are often found in advertising items...check around ours and bet you find your prize.
19. RRM Reigning Realms
Hint: Putting the back in Back Issues.
20. Abundantia
Hint: Mind the King and Queen from space.
21. Papillon's
Hint: Look by the couch upstairs!
22. Silk & Satyr Mainstore
Hint: In the winter, it's nice to sit down next to a comfy fireplace.
23. Studio Nails
Hint: Nobody puts Finchy in a corner!
24. Avatar Bizarre
Hint: You Kings need a cane and top hat to put on the Ritz.
25. Illicit Designs
26. aMuse
Hint: These heels will make every Queen go GAGA.
27. SB Wear
Hint: What do you mean I am not a vase?
28. Gesticulate
Hint: Look for the short one with a purple hat.
29. DivaLicious
Hint: Christmas is a fantasy!
Hint: Hope you're not on his naughty list, cuz if you are you may get your hand slapped searching in this bag.
31. Never Ever
      Hint: Sometimes at midnight...women will be a queen and then they carry a scepter!
32. Lantian (Adult)
Adult SIM Bridges:
Hint: Hey, what's NEW?  It's my CROWNing achievement!
33. JSF & C2GO
Hint: Not quite a throne I know, but a seat just the same :)
34. Egyptian Market
35. Sterling Artistry
Hint: Kings and Queens like to hang out on a raised dais.
36. USC Textures
Hint: When the clock strikes at midnight, find your prize.
37. Pink a Boo
Hint: Sit under the tree and unwrap your gift.
38. Drama Libre
Hint: You must click the door to go find what you seek!
39. Pestique Furniture
Hint: A tree is not always just for Christmas!
40. Digital Fairy
Hint: Santa lay his gift where he always does!  The pink for the girl and the blue for the men!
41. Tree House Treasures
Hint: I hope this snowflake does not melt in the water.
42. Lacie Dayz
Hint: There ain't just soup in the pot
43. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Hint: Search through the forest and you will find me hiding in a forgotten corner.
44. Pema in Pieces
Hint: The store is small no hint needed.
45. Clothes Culture
Hint: Queen Blue Blossom awaits you
46. C & D Designs
Hint: Check hint giver.
47. Simply
Hint: Check hint giver
48. Michigan's Shack and Mall
Hint: Check hint giver
49. Casa de Zen
Hint: Check hint giver.
50. Demotik
Hint: Glittering garland be-decks the halls and walls.
51. Nishi Gallery (NEW STORE)
Hint: Look for the light....
52. RnB Designs Furniture
Hint: Blue sweet dreams for you.
53. Phoebe Piercings & more
54. Eye Candi
Hint: Marie has her eyes on the crown and scepter.
55. Saris Creation's
Hint: Check hint giver
56. Carrasco's
Hint: Every Emperor even a penquin needs to have their royal scepter.
57. Reality Designs Showroom
Adult SIM Bridges:
Hint: Some Queens just have to strut their stuff.
58. 4Life
Hint: A Queen can be a Sexy Dame.
59. Divine Beauty
Hint: From here you can see the gift cards.
60. Simply Ayres
Hint: A guys dream that goes varroom varroom.
61. Sweet
Hint: I really don't think a corner is any place to put royalty.
62. Halloween Town by PQD
Hint: Christmas doesn't always have to be white.
63. Silk Dreams Fashions
Hint: Check Hint Giver
64. Full Moon Fashions
Hint: It's a cinch to find this scepter.
 65. Bound & Bitten (ADULT)
      Adult SIM Bridge:
Hint: Check hint giver
66. Glitterati by Sapphire
Hint: Red is the colour of the season.  Walk right in and go for red!
67. Wisent Animations
Hint: One of the Reindeers will show you who is the king....Happy hunting!
68. FlufferNutterz
Hint: This is no shooting star.
69. K2K United Enterprises
Hint: Watch the barmaid inside.
70. Icarus Home and Media
Hint: Which is better Glossy Black or Brushed Aluminum?
71. Lemania Indigo Designs
Hint: These classic updo's are perfect for all Queens.
72. Brass in Pocket Art Gallery
Hint: Check hint giver
73. Belle's Happy Birthday
Hint: Check hint giver.
74. Belle's Wedding
Hint: Check hint giver.
75. (In)Discretions
Hint: Watch where you sit!
76. Kazumi and Rajwa
Hint: Lucy in the sky with....Sparkle!
77. Store No Longer In the Hunt
      Bridge to Next Store:
78. Dionysia Designs
Hint: Her Royal Highness
79. The Sacred Flame Weddings
Hint: The King & Queen love to be near Winter Flowers!
80. Maven's Home Furnishings
Hint: Check hint giver.
81. Willows Marketplace
Hint: Wanted Kings & Queens of SL
82. LoveBird's Paradise (Adults)
Adult SIM Bridge:
Hint: This New Living Room Set Looks so comfy...Oh and you can even change colors...What's This beside the chair, a PRIZE just for me?  Happy Hunting!
83. Hearth & Home
Hint: The rich colors of royalty will surround you and screen you from the world.
84. Eclectic Firefly
Hint: Check hint giver
85. Ear Candy
Hint: Naughty or Nice?? In the corner for you!
86. Visions Gallery
Hint: Main Shop, upstairs, N/W corner, I'm in a fantasy.
87. Misera
Hint: Sit down and rest on my petals.
88. Fabu
Hint: This group had a hit with "Walk Like An Egyptian" - Find the objects of a similar name and you'll find your prize.
89. Garage
Hint: Queens should wear more lace.
90. Adoring Charms
Hint: Check hint giver
91. Design 360
Hint: The way to a man's heart...
92. Tik Tok
Hint: It's not multiplication nor is it down!
93. Vamp Shoes
Hint: Purty pink flowers can't hide this scepter from the Queen.
94. Daallinii's Creations
Hint: The main shop is better rest on the bench before taking the stairs....
95. Couture Chapeau
Hint: Touch sign for hint.
96. Loch Avie Bazaar
Hint: 1.  Some hunters may need a hug and others
        2.  a Bird of Paradise or two!  Find the gifts - both of you!
97. Juneberry Art Glass
Hint: Check the hint giver.
98. A Touch of Katlene Niven
Hint: Gacha!
99. TRIDENT Mainstore
Hint: Out in the open. Where grey clouds turn slow I rais branches to the sky the last leaves of autumn blown away in the snow.
100. TRIDENT Jewelry
Hint: Where wood embraces iron and the mistletoe grows there do lovers kiss in the roots I am found.
101. Earthly Delights
Hint: It's looking like a Blue Halloween??
102. LeaS
Hint: Queens and Kings rise to high rank in between the twinkling stars.
103. TempT Fashions
Hint: Who says stairways are just for success?
104.Felicia's Fashions
Hint: The Winter Queen stopped to listen to "7 Snowchildren singing Silent Night" and must have dropped her scepter when she started clapping.
105. Snowpaws!
Hint: Queens should reign in the clouds.
106. aQ creating lifestyles
Hint: Pick some grapes on your way.  Crush them in the tub on the hay. But only once the wine is in the cask.  Will you complete your task.
107. (census)
Hint: Have you had any bright ideas today?
108. De La Soul
Hint: Guarded by Elvens.
109. MCD Main Store
Hint: Don't get swept into a corner...this hint will floor you.
110. Elegant Epiffany
Hint: Santa just loves to leave surprises under the tree.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Next Greatest Love Hunt Official Announcement

The next Greatest Love hunt is a winter solstice themed hunt.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's Your Sign Hunt Hints

Hunters welcome to the What's Your Sign Hunt. Below are hints to help you on your stellar quest for great gifts.

#001 Hint giver available in the store.
#002 The practical use of the water carrier is to water plants.
#003 Hint giver available at landing.
#004 It's pretty obvious why no clue is needed.
#005 Stretch out and take a rest and let the flames of a star warm your feet.
#006 It's hard to catch a tail when you do an arabesque.
#007 A pinch of stardust will make the stew perfect.
#008 Hint giver available in the store.
#009 Can you be accused of stealing when it's such a deal?
#010 Aquarius rocks the house, yeah yeah! Aquarius rocks the house! So shake your rear and let out a CHEER 'cause Aquairus rocks the house!
#011 Keisha peers out the window over the bay and wonders what the shiny blue thing is in the corner.
#012 Don't look to high, don't look to low, just under to recieve the prize.

#001 Hint giver is available in the store.
#002 The best place to view the stars in always where you can get a clear view.
#003 Hint giver is available in the store.
#004 Hint giver is available in the store.
#005 Hint giver is available in the store.
#006 Morgan and MacBabbage wonder if they are in the Hanging Gardens.
#007 Rock walls are a perfect place to hide things.
#008 Hint giver is available in the store.
#009 These cropped bright stars are shining the way.
#010 The Gleam in her eyes were from the stars of Aries.
#011 Take a little time to curl up with a good book.
#012 Hint giver is available in the store.

#001 Creep slowly up the stairs and always look up or the crab will bite your head.
#002 Hint giver is available in the store.
#003 Did you know that Peacock feathers come in a rainbow of colors?
#004 Hint giver is available in the store.
#005 Hint giver is available in the store.
#006 When a butterfly flaps it's wings are stars born?
#007 Maybe you'll find Jack has escaped from Halloween Town to decorate for his other favorite holiday.
#008 The sparkles makes it's extra special and new.
#009 Hint giver is abailable in the store.
#010 Woman vs city....the woman always wins.
#011 Hint giver is available in the store.
#012 Hint giver is available in the store.

#001 I'm not very lucky but maybe you will be the lucky one.
#002 Maybe you'll be lucky and find a bargain if you can beat the count down.
#003 Now which remote controls the TV and which one the fire?
#004 Hint giver is available in the store.
#005 Today's daily discount will be....
#006 Vendor no longer in the hunt.
#007 Be the Belle of the ball with these jewels.
#008 Hint giver is available in the store.
#009 Can you contain the sun?
#010 Hint giver is available in the store. Don't be fooled by the empty one.
#011 Hint giver is available in the store.
#012 Hint giver is available in the store.

#001 From up here these plants look a little dead.
#002 No object found in the store.
#003 Stars are better viewed from under glass.
#004 If Gemini is your sign it might be your lucky day at midnight.
#005 TP not letting you land.
#006 You might have to sweep aside the cobwebs to grab this prize.
#007 Shopping for furniture for your new home can really be a time consuming.
#008 Hint giver is available in the store.
#009 You are already stars.
#010 A perfect silk to join a harem.
#011 Hint giver is available in the store.
#012 Didn't know that stars could fit on a shelf.

#001 Hint giver is available in the store.
#002 Hint giver is available in the store.
#003 Go up and don't fall off the edge!
#004 A promise of a gift just for touching it.
#005 I hide behind a box or two.
#006 Danielle is green with envy because you found the prize.
#007 Hint giver is available in the store.
#008 Hint giver is available in the store.
#009 Easel for you to say.
#010 I really wish I could read the writing on the art. Hmm....wonder if I touch it if I'll get some info on the art work.
#011 Hint giver is available in the store.
#012 Hint giver is available in the store.

#001 Hint giver is available in the store.
#002 I wish these cushions came with a back rest.
#003 Hint giver is available in the store.
#004 Make sure to clean up after yourself.
#005 Hint giver is available in the store.
#006 If only we could really hang up our clothes in SL. But then I'd need a sim sized closet.
#007 Hint giver is available in the store.
#008 Hint giver is available in the store.
#009 The best place to view the world is from a corner.
#010 Gotta love the word free.
#011 Take a seat under this amazing art work. Ewww...someone stuck something under the seat.
#012 Hint giver is available in the store.

#001 Gold really will bring you luck.
#002 Pisces love to dance all night at the club so they need to have the perfect gesture.
#003 Hint giver is available in the store.
#004 Hint giver is available in the store.
#005 The north star points to a secret.
#006 Under the Honeysuckle, Wisteria, and White Chain you will find what your seeking.
#007 Take the path of harmony and you will be rewarded.
#008 Be wary of the thorns.
#009 The Lovely Yaiza can't decide if she should get the black or the red pair.
#010 Tears are falling over these Broken Dreams.
#011 With very few places to hide look low to the ground.
#012 The Fae will love this garden.

#001 These boots were made to walk among the stars.
#002 No hint needed.
#003 Hint giver is available in the store.
#004 The ceiling reveals more than the floor.
#005 Hint giver is available at the landing and in the build.
#006 I don't think Sagittarius is a water sign.
#007 Tom Bodett will make sure to leave the lights on for you.
#008 Hint giver is available in the store.
#009 These Oncidium are the delight of any gardener.
#010 You might need some more towels.
#011 Hint giver is available in the store.
#012 Hint giver is available in the store.

#001 Hint giver is available.
#002 The sign says it's for us ladies. But I looked and I looked and I just couldn't find him anywhere.
#003 The arch is truly a magnificent architectural design.
#004 Hint giver is available in the store.
#005 Hint giver is available in the store.
#006 Go to the orange floor. Look up and I'll give you a hand.
#007 Hint giver is available in the store.
#008 Look down and subscribe.
#009 The only way to see the stars is to look up.
#010 What prize does the big bunneh hide?
#011 You want me to tattoo what? where?
#012 This weeping tree has much to hide.

#001 Boxes with holes make a really good hiding place.
#002 No Hint Needed.
#003 This is the only time a bull can be on the Catwalk.
#004 Hint giver is available in the store.
#005 Dot your I's and cross your T's.
#006 It's dark and scary under here. Find me please and rescue me.
#007 Hint giver is available in the store.
#008 What cards make a full house again?
#009 What you share will not be spread across the grid.
#010 Store not set up.
#011 Hint giver is available in the store.
#012 After a day of looking down for hunt objects you might want to stretch those neck muscles and look up.

#001 I think they confused their punctuation marks. The couch looks like an explanation point but there's a question mark on the display.
#002 You really need to take a break and relax a bit before continuing on with the hunt.
#003 Hint giver is available in the store.
#004 No longer in the hunt.
#005 Hint giver is available in the store.
#006 Hint giver is available in the store.
#007 Hint giver is available in the store.
#008 A chance To Adore the stars will bring Much Joy
#009 Sprinkle a little Cinnamon on top to spice things up.
#010 Looking for direction in your life? Start here!
#011 Find the secret door to the secret garden to find your prize.
#012 No need to Fall to Pieces when this angel can save you.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Known Issues In the What's Your Sign? Hunt

Below are the known issues in the hunt. This will change as vendors fix their objects.

#004 WYS Aries Urban Republic Co. object set to give copy. You'll need to go somewhere to unbox your gift.
#010 WYS Aries Silk Dreams has moved.
Taxi to #010 WYS Aries Silk Dreams

#001 WYS Cancer Misera has the wrong hunt poster. This is the right place to start the Cancer path.
#010 WYS Cancer Lacie Dayz has a central teleport HUB. Wait for the signs to rez then teleport to the store.
#011 WYS Cancer USC Texture Tomb is numbered incorrectly says #012 WYS Cancer.

#001 WYS Capricorn Charisma Designs hunt object is misnumbered.
#002 WYS Capricorn DemotiK hunt object is numbered wrong.
#005 WYS Capricorn Timeless Texture and A Stitch in Time are in the same building.
This is not an error go ahead and hunt for both.
#006 WYS Capricorn SteamBound no longer in the hunt.
Taxi to #007 WYS Capricorn Silk & Satyr

#002 WYS Gemini Dead Bunny no hunt object found.
Taxi to #003 WYS Gemini M & M Celtic Designs
#005 WYS Gemini Romance in Prims TP not letting you land.
Taxi to #006 Gemini Full Moon Fashions
#010 WYS Gemini Dzines by D miss numbered.
#012 WYS Gemini Honey and Vinegar no poster or end of Gemini path notecard. GIFT IS OUT.
Go to What's Your Sign Starting Points Blog Entry

#010 WYS Leo Glitterati is misnumbered. (FIXED)

#001 WYS Libra Saris Creation's is misnumberd. (FIXED)
#005 WYS Libra Bella's Boutique moved.
Taxi to #005 WYS Libra Bella's Boutique
#006 WYS Libra Fin's has an old LM to the next store.
Taxi to #007 WYS Libra Thunder 'N Lightning (FIXED)
#007 WYS Libra Thunder 'N Lightning has an old LM to the next store.
Taxi to #008 WYS Libra Wildz Creations (FIXED)
#010 WYS Libra A Stitch in Time and Timeless Textures are in the same building.
This is not an error go ahead and hunt for both.
#012 WYS Libra Adoring Charms has moved.
Taxi to #012 WYS Libra Adoring Charms
#004 WYS Pisces Talon Creations unable to locate hunt object.
Taxi to #005 WYS Pisces Secrets of Gaia
#011 WYS Pisces KI House of Textures has a central landing point. Let things rez then look for the Spellbound booth. Walk past Spellbound and you'll see the outside of KI House of Textures (next booth). Walk around the plaid beanbags to get inside KI House of Textures booth.

#004 WYS Sagittarius Salamander Airways is misnumbered.
#005 WYS Sagittarius Drama Libre! this is Greatest Love official hang out. Open the door and click the yellow sign. The build changes weekly but the location of the prize should be the same.
#009 WYS Sagittarius Loch Avie Bazaar is set to give a copy not content. You'll need to go somewhere to open it to continue on the hunt.
#012 WYS Sagittarius ArtiZan Creative Solutions is misnumbered.

#001 WYS Scorpio Papillon's is misnumbered.
#012 WYS Scorpio Devil's Trade has moved.
Taxi to #012 WYS Scorpio Devil's Trade

#001 WYS Taurus Vamp Shoes misnumbered says #000 should be #001 but the LM goes to the next store.
#002 WYS Taurus Sweet B no gift in hunt object.
#010 WYS Taurus Clover no poster or hunt object found in the store.
Taxi to #011 WYS Taurus Template Craze
#012 WYS Taurus Peer Style has no end of Taurus path notecard.
Go to the What Your Sign Starting Point blog entry.

#001 WYS Virgo Couture Chapeau misnumberd. Says #000 should be #001 but the LM goes to the next store.
#003 WYS Virgo Lace Le Femme the hunt object is almost completely inside a sculptie.
#004 WYS Virgo RGK has been dropped from the hunt.
Taxi to #005 WYS Virgo Flowers Candles Romance
#012 WYS Virgo Dark Vision no end of Virgo path notecard.
Go to the What's Your Sign Starting Point blog entry.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Greatest Love and Drama Libre!

A few months ago I was asked to come to a club where our own Lavim Feld was DJing. I had left my clubbing behind me a long, long time. But Pini and Ash said I had to come to this fantastic place. This club was not like any other club in SL. Yeah they have themed events like almost all clubs but their building is what makes this club like no other in SL. So I headed over to this club. I landed at a small beach with nothing but a few signs and a door. Didn't see a club but I recognized those "doors to anywhere" door. So I opened the door and climbed through to find myself standing on top of the check out lane of a supermarket. My jaw dropped I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then all of a sudden I get a picture from someone named Peachy. It's me dancing away. Pretty soon I see Pini, Lavim and Ashleyy and find out that Peachy Sassoon is the one of the owners of Drama Libre and that each week the DL builders make a new set for the club. I was hooked. Started chatting about DL in the Greatest Love hunter group with Lavim, Ashleyy and Pini. Then I had the brilliant idea GL meets DL. Now Drama Libre is the official hang out for Greatest Love hunters and vendors.
Please join us this Saturday as we celebrate the start of the Greatest Love What's Your Sign? Hunt. You can even search the build for Peachy Sassoon's hunt gift. Happy Hunting!!

Adult SIM Work Arounds

The Greatest Love What's Your Sign Hunt has several Adult themed stores on Adult SIMs. We recogonize that many hunters have either not age verified their avatars or have chosen not to because of their own countries laws, personal choice or they are playing a child avatar in SecondLife. If you are unable to visit an Adult SIM please use the links provided below to continue on the hunt. Thanks!

Aquarius Path (No Adult SIMs)

From Bound and Bitten To Urban Republic Co
From Adult gestures by Amy to Love Zombie

Cancer (No Adult SIMs)

Capricorn (No Adult SIMs)

Gemini (No Adult SIMs)

Leo (No Adult SIMs)

Libra (No Adult SIMs)

From Erotixx Gestures over DW Designs over Talon Creations to Secrets of Gaia

From Lantian over Salamander World to Cero Style

Scorpio (No Adult SIMs)

Taurus (No Adult SIMs)

Virgo (No Adult SIMs)

What's Your Sign Starting Points

NOTE: The quote under each sign is a desire of people born under that sign.

Aquarius (12 stops)
To understand life's mysteries.

Aries (12 stops)
To lead the way for others.

Cancer (12 stops)
Constant reassurance and intimacy.

Capricorn (12 stops)
To be proud of their achievements.

Gemini (12 stops)
To explore a little bit of everything.

Leo (12 stops)
To lead the way.

Libra (12 stops)
To be consistent.

Pisces (12 stops)
To avoid feeling alone and instead feel connected to others and the world at large.

Sagittarius (12 stops)
To live the good life.

Scorpio (12 stops)
To survive against all opposition.

Taurus (12 stops)
Emotional and financial security.

Virgo (12 stops)
To do the right thing.

Greatest Love Presents What's Your Sign? Hunt

Greatest Love welcome's you to the What's Your Sign? Hunt. a unique hunting experience based on western astrological signs. This hunt let's you the hunter decide where to start your hunt. There are 12 starting points with no more than 12 stops per sign. Your choice to do all 12 signs or pick and choose your own hunt path. If you get stuck or just want to chat away while you hunt please join the Greatest Love Group (IM AnneAlyce Maertens or Look at Profile). The best family of hunters in Second Life.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Groovy Love Hints

Sorry for the lateness in getting a blog up and going on the Groovy Love Hunt. Trying to make a hint list and Adult Sim work around for those who can't visit our adult vendors. Please check back often. The hunt objects are subject to move by the vendor so don't go by the hints alone.

#001 Don't move to far and look up! A little farther! Look up a little farther! Ah now you found me.
#002 Watch the sunset and swoon (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#003 Kick your heels up and have a seat. What's this under me?
#004 Look behind a booty! ;-)
#005 Very easy no clue needed.
SLURL to get a little closer to Ear Candy:
#006 So groovy and far out of this world man! (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#007 Hanging out for the weekend.
#008 Forgot to get the custom invites made for Woodstock better ask Aster to make them.
#009 This potted plant needs watered.
#010 Do you feel lucky, well, do you punk.
#011 Oopsy! Between the floor boards. Be embraced by the devil. (Adult Sim)
SLURL to the Next Stop:
#012 Teleport Hub: Look for Magically Aluring to TP. Nothing groovier than a man with an armband.
#013 Stop. Don't move. Careful, now look up.
#014 Blade will protect you from vampires and other creepy crawly things.
#015 Get ready for the summer, relax under a nice canopy on a lounge for 1 or 2....mmmm! (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#016 Look nearby and grab some mad peace & love!
#017 The vendor was a victim of a griefer attack. At this time the hunt object is out in the open.
#018 Let's make a deal on this old guitar.
#019 Your on my radar baby! (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#020 Made in the shade.
#021 Hunting can get a little hairy.
#022 Totally groovy mall, kiddo.
#023 Join us if you need help we are a very helpful, loving hunter group.
#024 This is a weird place to grow a garden. (All hunt items on the 3rd floor)
#025 Pretty easy no hint needed. Be careful with the false lead though. Need to unpack to get next LM. Please clean up after unpacking.
#026 Far enough away to not get burned but close enough to feel the love. Need to unpack to get next LM. Please clean up after unpacking.
#027 This is how Teddy Bears celebrate 4th of July!
#028 You will find me by the white picnic table admiring the patriotic tulips!
#029 Take a trip higher and higher through the store. Look for the phychedelic floor and fall through to the magically land of mushrooms.
#030 Mystic bowl hides the love.
#031 Stop and admire the art.
#032 Admire the view out the front window.
#033 High up under the eaves where the corner meets.
#034 Real easy no clue needed.
#035 Real easy no clue needed.
#036 I wonder if a grown up Punky Brewster would wear these jeans.
#037 A dainty pair of heels will really show off your legs.
#038 Let us build a tiki home or two or three.
#039 I know a flower child would hang here.
#040 Find the FRAMES and there I'll be. A peaceful sign for all to see.
#041 Yes, it's true, my fish is a hippy.
#042 Wonder what the new releases are today!
#043 Groovy, Will Robinson, Groovy!
#044 It's groovy to be framed!
#045 Is it groovy to wear Damask with lace trim?
#046 Sit and reflect while chasing the air.
#047 Who let the dogs out, who, who?
#048 The Prince of Swang says "Groovy."
#049 It's a nice day for a non-white wedding.
#050 Honey, we need the perfect wedding setting.
#051 Cerys will catch your eye butbe on the look out as you go check her out.
#052 Be a pure cuddly minx, love.
#053 Need a break, play a game.
#054 Vendor is not set up.
SLURL to next stop:
#055 Nice big ceiling.....good place to go dancing on the ceiling.
#056 Jacob, have I loved.
#057 A little face bling and you'll fit right in.
#058 Where are we supposed to eat there's no table.
#059 A bean bag would be more appropriate for a hippy to sit on.
#060 It's best to hunt in groups.
#061 Check out the new releases.
#062 Milly and Ally want you to enjoy your time hunting.
#063 As you leave the store look up.
#064 Don't get cornered.
#065 I once read that Janis loved buying clothes at discount stores.
#066 A tisket, a tasket, a groovy kinda basket.
#067 Could be the stairway to heaven.
#068 It's all new to me.
#069 Take LM to new store or take SLURL: While exploring the new store make sure to subscribe to the subscriber group.
#070 Are you feeling behind? Or perhaps a little flushed? Don't'll soon be on a roll!
#071 We are not diamond's in the rough.
#072 Do you feel lucky? Well do you?
#073 Dem bones, Dem bones, Dem groovy bones!
#074 Chill out in the front of the store and watch the clouds go by.
#075 It's all about getting in the right subscribers.
#076 Are tulips supposed to sparkle?
#077 If you can't find it you really need a break.
#078 Dress for success!
#079 You'll do an arabesque when you find the peace sign.
#080 Don't know if that purse really goes with these shoes.
#081 Peace can even support a flight of stairs.
#082 Like the caterpillar said: Man, I really need to get high tonight.
#083 Oh, oh here she comes, watch out boys she'll chew you up.
#084 A little country sunshine makes you a very happy hunter.
#085 A very a"door"ble place to hide peace.
#086 Another subscbriber you need to join.
#087 Don't be a "raver"ing lunatic!
#088 (1 of 2) The Lighthouse Keeper told me to LOOK OUT then he made me scrape gum off the bottom of benches. (2 of 2) Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble (check out the lighthouse.)
#089 The mad hatter says: Don't you dare move. You better stop and look up and around or is that around and up.
#090 Hiding behind a Fat Pack.
#091 Didn't know that a cupcake could get lucky but what the heck this is Second Life! (There is no prize yet but the LM to the next stop is there.)
#092 Don't go to far or you'll miss it.
#093 If I sit here how long what will I get?
#094 Not to the right nor to the left but staight ahead. Once straight ahead go to school.
#095 Walk in and then look. Don't get distracted by the bikini's. (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#096 It's the Grooviest Hunter Group in All Second Life.
#097 Searching high searching low, just don't know where to go? Take a Nap you'll find what you seek. (Adult Sim)
SLURL to next store:
#098 I thought these divided rooms?
#099 Are those the earrings we get for subscribing.
#100 Do mermaid live in fishing bowls.
#101 Look for peace on your belly.
#102 Peace makes a very nice dream catcher about the door. (LM to next stop is missing)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#103 Hunka, hunka burning love.
#104 (Icarus Lighting) It's so hard to find far out rugs.
#104 Something went horribly wrong with my counting. There's 2 #104's and one is not in the loop. SLURL to Second #104:
My bad! Hint: If it's "groovy" that you seek by Eqyptian columns you must peek. (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#105 Straight forward, matey! (Go somewhere to rez the box!)
#106 Wonder what I can build with these huge Lego blocks.
#107 (1 of 2) Twilight becomes you!
(2 of 2) It is groovy for men to wear beads. Currently not for sale.
#108 In the main shop, upstairs. Nestled between lovers, enjoying a good smoke.
#109 (Women's) Get comfy and turn on a lamp. (Mens) Don't strain your neck looking for it.
#110 It's good luck for horseshoes to be above the door. It's love all the time with peace above the door.
#111 Tatiana suddenly realized she's over dressed for a love in but she got the message wrong and thought it said to wear what you love.
#112 Visit the Secret Garden! (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#113 Central landing. Take the ramp down. Look for the hunt poster. Hint: Noone keeps baby in the corner! (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Stop:
#114 Swatch where you find this one!
#115 This pretty lady is in time out by MaryJ.
#116 Telehub: Take Tp to Lacie Dayz Hint: Don't get seperated from peace!
#117 Join the Kitty Airforce
#118 All hunters love goodies!
#119 Halo for a tree!
#120 Take a big bite out of the cupcake! (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Location:
#121 Let's take a seat in the middle of the floor and let everyone know how awesome this vendor is.
#122 A glitzy adornment to a chocker.
#123 These are the pre-AC way to stay cool.
#124 Stop and let rez to see the store name etched in the stone. No clue needed if you follow the sign.
#125 Before going upstairs get a little glitter.
#126 Wear the moon on your wrist.
#127 This room is trippy!
#128 Wandering to a place to lounge you might find a little peace.
#129 Summer Love 'Sizzles'!
#130 Hello kitty likes going to the beach but prefers sittin' under a cabana.
#131 Sit down in the corner and you may find what you're looking for.
#132 The best way to see the USA is with a map....of the USA.
#133 A bunting we will go, a bunting we will go, high-ho the dairy-o, a bunting we will go.
#134 Grab your paint brush and pallette and finish that still life.
#135 Don't run on the stairs and look out.
#136 I don't think it's secure up there won't it fall down and hit someone in the head when they walk in? (Adult Sim)
SLURL to Next Store:
#137 Grab your stationary and sit at your desk to write a letter to all your friends about this groovy hunt.
#138 It's about time to shed some light on this hunt. You'll need to go somewhere to unpack the box.
#139 My precious!
#140 Now to find that perfect summer dress.
#141 Curl up by a fire and play beach blanket bingo.
#142 YIFFY!! Cakes & Balloons!
#143 Girl, what's that you got hidin' behind your back?
#144 I so need retro room dividers like that! Need to go somewhere to open.
#145 Store has moved SLURL to new location: Hint: Take a chance, you never know what you will get! (You'll need to open the gift to get the next LM. Please clean up!)
#146 "It's on the stairway to heaven!"
#147 Before you go fishing make sure to pick up your supplies first.
#148 To the beautiful victorian house you shall go (Belle's Wedding Store). To quench your thrist a crystal punch bowl has what you need!
#149 From the Lips of an Angel.
#150 A quick trip up will lead you to your reward.
#151 To tip or not to tip that is the question. Hey wait a sec which one is it? (Adult Sim)
Take SLURL to next stop:
#152 Better remind yourself of what your looking for since you've probably seen so many other hunt objects. (Adult Sim)
Take SLURL to next stop:
#153 It might say there's enough room in there for me but I don't trust that thing.
#154 Nothing heats things up like "The Passion!"
#155 Please have a little patience with rezzing things. Just look for the big "peace sign" and you will find the small"peace sign."
#156 The rainbow colored glass will make it so much brighter.
#157 Stare at the pattern long enough it might start moving and you'll forget what you were looking for.
#158 Get comfy and cozy while you wait for other hunters to slap the MM boards.
#159 Watch your back as you go up the stairs. Does not have the right LM to the next store.
Take SLURL to next stop:
#160 As Nilsson's Rock Man said, "You see what you want to see, and hear what you want to hear. Dig? Hint: It's all about the 'tude, dude!
#161 You might need to get cleaned up after all your hunting. (Adult Sim)
Take SLURL to next stop:
#162 Little Miss Muffett would love sitting on these groovy chairs.
#163 It's not nice to "Eaves" drop.
#164 Look up way up...way up....way up.
#165 If you find yourself on the top floor and are from the stairs this can sure help get to the first floor quickly.
#166 Follow the signs of peace!
#167 It's a party in the USA! Time to get down, time to party! Get your dancing shoes on.
#168 Go star gazing! You'll need to unpack this to get the next LM. Please clean up after yourself.
#169 Blend real life with your avatar.
#170 Play with your pole.

Work around SLURLS to bypass adult sims

Here are the work around SLURLS if you cannot get into an adult sim. These are the vendors listed AFTER adult sim vendors. Just paste the slurls into your chat to tp to the locations.

No. 3
No. 7
No. 20
No. 22
No. 121
No. 137
No. 153
No. 162

GL Groovy Love Hunt has started

Get in the groove and start hunting for some of the grooviest items in SL! Yes the Greatest Love Hunt has started and vendors are awaiting your arrival with great anticipation! Hunt runs from 5 June to 26 June!
You're looking for the PEACE SYMBOL (compliments Balthazar Fouroux of The Prop Shop)!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Updated Hints

Due to a notecard with direct SLurls to the Quest for Excalibur Hunt Object I have asked vendors to move the object. Some vendors have been nice enough to give a 2nd hint. Here are the current hints for the move. Good luck!!
#001 Dulce Secrets - 1 of 3 Take a moment to wander through the garden. Sit and ponder life while swinging in the swing. What's that at your feet?
2 of 3 While pondering life you spy a lovely green house. Explore the green house to find your gift.
3 of 3 As you prepare for the next leg on your quest you may want to take a picture of yourself for posterity.
#002 Aster's Builts Off to attend a wedding...but wasn't invited? Wonder what wedding theme it was............
#015 DragonLady Designs Vanessa took the sword! We may have to fire her because she steals things. Find Vaness, the sword is nearby.
#049 Avatar Bizarre In the water I live Brush against me and a sting I give...

Cheaters Never Prosper

It's come to my attention that a notecard is circulating with direct SLurls to Quest for Excalibur hunt objects. Because of this I have asked participating vendors to move their hunt objects. Vendors may or may not give hints for these moves so you'll be on your own to find these objects. I want to thank everyone who has been helping with clues and hints in the Greatest Love Hunter Group. It's amazing to see people leave what they are doing and going to help fellow hunters. Remember the hunt ends April 3rd so you still have plenty of time to find all 72 of the gifts.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Quest for Excalibur Work-Arounds

As in many hunts there are last minute changes, vendors not ready, etc. So these are the known issues at this time. Please check back here often or you might miss that one special gift that you absolutely had to have.

#018 Bound & Bitten - Adult Work-Around
Option #1 Become Age Verified if you haven't done so yet. Login to your account and go to "Account then "Age Verification." Enter the required information then you should be able to visit Bound & Bitten.
Option #2 Go to 4Life

#026 A Piece of Candy - is ready take Slurl back to store.

#038 Gestures by Nykeria - Not ready and wrong LM Take Slurl to Wild Talender.

#043 Lantian - Adult Work-Around
Option #1 - Become Age Verified if you haven't done so yet. Login to your account and go to "Account" then "Age Verification." Enter the required information then you should be able to visit Lantian.
Option #2 - Go to JB Sterling's

#066 Vamp Shoes - Now Ready

#071 Robbish - Not the end of the hunt #072 Sky Home Oase is now the official end of the hunt.

Friday, February 26, 2010

GL Quest for Excalibur Hints

Hunt objects are subject to move at the descretion of the store owner. Please do not contact store owners if the hints are outdated. Some store owners declined to provide hints please respect the spirit of the hunt and not give direct LM or TP's to hunt objects.
#001 (1 of 3) What would you like? How may I help you? Oh your looking for the small sword in the stone! Let me sit here and think where it may be?
(2 of 3) Although seen as an art trimming these tiny trees is also said to been seen as theraputic and calming!
(3 of 3) As you prepare for the next leg on your quest you may want to wander the garden outside the store and take a moment to relax.

#002 Yum yum...but can't choose which one, chocolate or purple? or even black. Two rings joined as one. Yummy Cakes! See me?

#003 Do you think Merlin made this sparkle?

#004 King Arthur would expect a better seat.

#005 You'll find me hanging over the enchantment of old Britain.

#006 No Hint Provided

#007 Seek out the furthest corner from which you land. The sight of gnarled roots, wild grasses and ruins will stand. Amongst the rocks and beneath the light of the moon , you'll find the prize waiting for you.

#008 Just as Arthur must find the Holy Grail.

#009 Can you cut cakes with swords?

#010 No Hint Provided

#011 Find a clue to get a clue...silly touch that hint giver.

#012 Leprechans are not the only ones who will love this TREASURE!

#013 Look around the handloom.

#014 No Hint Provided

#015 There aren't many safe places to hide a sword here, so I would look for an out-of-the-way high shelf.

#016 Dare to explore the pixel jungle in miniature.....pixels.....yeah.....that!

#017 It's just a flesh wound.

#018 Pleasing the lady has it perks!

#019 Want to be a ROCK STAR? Or just like rock music? Pick a band, any band!

#020 Where math sleeps and hovertext weeps, within the pinnacle you shall find that which you seek.

#021 Come use me to do a search on the Legion of Excalibur!

#022 No Hint Provided

#023 Take pause in your hunting and reflect on the wonderful vendors that are offering you such great items.

#024 No Hint Provided

#025 Who's watching me?

#026 No Hint Provided

#027 Sit here and dance like a faerie!

#028 No Hint Provided

#029 Ask MissFortunes

#030 Where faeries dare to dream!

#031 See if you can find the cave - look there.

#032 Above the Rainbow

#033 No Hint Provided

#034 No Hint Provided

#035 No Hint Provided

#036 No Hint Provided

#037 From my view I can see every contest!

#038 No Hint Provided

#039 This prize don't like to stay on the too much stay well covered....

#040 The fountain looks ethereal and bears the initials of both the store name, and the owner's name. Something near it seems a bit out of place, but it's good that it's there.

#041 No Hint Provided

#042 Just find "Arthuro" under the willow (not the one with the hammock ^^ and you will find the hunt-sword.

#043 If you back yourself into a CORNER, perhaps these LANTERNS will light your way.

#044 No Hint Provided

#045 No Hint Provided

#046 No Hint Provided

#047 No Hint Provided

#048 No Hint Provided

#049 Drago Dormiens Nunquam Titilladus...Truer words never were....For you are crunchy and good with ketchup. What are those gnashing sounds? RAR and Grr!

#050 No Hint Provided

#051 Coffee, Tea or ?????????????

#052 Follow the Stars, I love to Rock.

#053 Even Arthur needs a rest sometimes

#054 The gift is on the top floor.

#055 No Hint Provided

#056 No Hint Provided

#057 No Hint Provided

#058 No Hint Provided

#059 Main shop, first floor, red roses always brighten the day.

#060 You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

#061 Walk along the half-broken wall at north end of the sim. The Sword stays quietly among the white oriental lilies.

#062 Check all the crates downstairs, especially over in that far right corner.

#063 No Hint Provided

#064 No Hint Provided

#065 No Hint Provided

#066 King Arthur: Looking at the cake is like looking at the future, until you've tasted it what do you really know? And then, of course, it's too late.

#067 Whether ye be King or Queen, the Crown is the thing.

#068 No Hint Provided

#069 Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue. - John Herschel

#070 You can grow these under the stairs and some kinds are said to be quite euphoric. Look for them in the underground maze and here you will find your prize.

#071 No Hint needed, easy to find

#072 Is that a hint box? I think I'll buy those hints!! Wow, many hints for many hunts now to find the sword!

Greatest Love Presents Quest for Excalibur

I'm so excited about the next Greatest Love Hunt. This hunt will be very intimate but don't let the small number of vendors fool you. As a hunter you are on a quest to find the sword, Excalibur. Vendors have hidden the sword in the stone very hard. Hints will be provided to help you on your quest. (Note: Hunt objects are subject to move at the discretion of the vendor.)
A big thanks go out to Chigadee London for making the hunt object and to Arya Braveheart for blogging the hunt prizes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

GL Show Your Love Event Part 2

Can you feel the love? I know I sure am feelin' it! The event sure is making me long for the flowers of spring. 2 lovely shapes from a brand new designer Journey Plutonian began our 2nd round of gifts. Followed by the pretty as a flower, Poppy Dress, from Pema Bosatsu. Then an elegant pair of earrings from Airis Mertel. The next set of gifts came from UrDesire Nishi. Ur sent out two lovely gifts. A jewelry set for us ladies and a diamond ring for you guys. OMG....did DragonLady Majestic send another gift? Yes she did. Cleverly boxed in a rolled up carpet is a rug and yes, a vaccuum. Felt a little silly for vaccuuming my rug already.

Poppy Dress from Pema in Pieces
Hope Jewelry Set from Nishi Designs
Crystal 83 Shape from a new designer Journey Plutonian
Crystal Shape 76 from Journey Plutonian
Rug from DragonLady Designs

Expresion of Love Earrings from Jairis

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greatest Love Show Your Love Gifts Part 1

Whoohoo! Love to get gifts! Especially when they are from our awesome GL vendors. Starting off with a bang with these 3 gifts.

Hi-Back Bean Bag: DragonLady Designs
Heart Dresser & Cupboard: Siren Song
Trixx, Pixx, & Sixx Skins: Dulce Secrets

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Greatest Love Presents Show Your Love Event

Greatest Love is proud to present "Show Your Love" event. A 10 day event exclusive to Greatest Love hunters and vendors. This is not a hunt! How to show your love! Hunters just visit vendor stores and make a purchase or give a gift donation to the vendor for all their hunt gifts they have given you over the past couple years. Vendors join the hunter group so you can give our faithful administrators and hunters a gift that has been exclusively made for The Greatest Love Groups. Don't forget to give each other gifts in the To participate in this exclusive event please send your application notecard to AnneAlyce Maertens. Name the notecard "GL Show Your Love Event - (your name)" Include the following information in the notecard. Your name, store name, slurl, full perm lm , and store logo and/or blog url (optional.)
Note: The Greatest Love Group for hunters will be open for new members 10 days before the event and will be closed during the event. This is your chance to grab your friends and have them join the hunter group. A notecard with LM to participating vendors will be given to hunters 24 hours prior to the event beginning.