Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cheaters on the Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt

Hate to say it vendors but the Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt has some cheaters giving direct location to hunt objects in local chat.  Pleased to say though that the cheaters are not from Greatest Love Group.    If you want please feel free to move your hunt objects.  Sorry to those still hunting but the hint page will not be updated if vendors move their hunt objects.  Thanks!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Known Issues with BDH

Taxi to BDH #008 Genesis Inc
BDH #030 Illy Creations hunt object not set out
Taxi to BDH #031 Trident
BDH #048 Pin Cushion object not set out
Taxi to BDH #049 Aphrodite Megastore
BDH #063 Luxurious World hunt object not set out
Taxi to BDH #064 Kennedy's
BDH #065 Real Glamour object not set to sell
Taxi to BDH #065 Garden Oasis
BDH #073 Llyr's Bay Fish & Mer Market object not set out
Taxi to BDH #074 Lash-Ware
BDH #079 CJ Designs object not set out
Taxi to BDH #080 Static Clothing Co.
BDH #082 Vamp Shoes object not hidden or set to sell
Taxi to BDH #083 N@N@
BDH #100 Eye Candi object not set out
Taxi to BDH #101 Wafflrez
BDH #102 Nightplay store is gone
Taxi to BDH #103 Muted Gestures
BDH #103 Muted Gestures store is gone
Taxi to BDH #104 enLightened
BDH #113 Deans Men's and Women's Fashion store is gone
Taxi to BDH #114 Feeel
BDH #150 PawFect Neko store is gone
Taxi to BDH #001 Dulce Secrets

Friday, October 21, 2011

Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt Hints

1 Dulce Secrets  Prepare to be insulted!
2 AIDORU  always a queen! hair up, jewels on, and a sweet look
3 TempT  If you wish to visit us again, you will need one of these!
4 *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~* See Hint Giver (where the hunt posters)
5 Serenity Designs - Boooooooooo! Sacred you!
6 SLACY's - Take a picnic amongst the dead
7 Misera You journey up and gaze from a window.  What is that in the corner of your eye?  A bat?  A ghost?
8 Genesis Inc See Hint Giver
9 Evaki What's new pussy cat?
10 Electric Take a seat and take a picture of your derriere.
11 Ducknipple In Morse Code this means HELP!!
12 Avatar Bizarre See Hint Giver
13 Kamiri See Hint Giver
14 Aster's Builts Come and have dinner with us
15 The Caproni Style Melting moments can bring Boo-tiful disasters
16 (In)Discretions Don't get stuck looking for the gift!
17 Saris Creation's look near stair
18 Nishi Designs Lovers Hold Your Prize
19 Tree House See Hint Giver
20 Jugg & Jinja's Boutique See Hint Giver
21 Tiny Space Nothing like swinging on a crisp fall day.
22 Lantian Dead trees make the best kindling
23 Moulliez My hair is a boo-tiful disaster
24 The Crossing look somewhere you might take a nap
25 Bound & Bitten See Hint Giver
26 Dark Vision Tick Tock
27 Exquisite Eye Decorations See HintGiver at the poster left from entrance
28 Empyreal Dreams far above the raven floor, not inside, go out the door
29 Hearth & Home See Hint Giver
30 Illy Creations
31 Trident "Where the dead dance in the wind,
  wooden roots hide your prize"
32 Amberyst Botanical Designer A pool created from tears of blood is where you'll find your prize.
33 Cynful Designs The noise on the roof is from....BOO.
34 Home Decor: OREGON Rhyme- As big as a tree or as small as a bee, I hide behind the letter "_"
35 \\\ Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique /// ring ring ring
36 Amulet Ask Rex, he knows everything!
37 Marke Eigenbau If you play dead you'll get a treat!
38 Fabienne Bolissima Couture Bellissima in Bolissima
39 Maven's Home Furnishings Alexandria is the place to start looking
40 Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ Look at the Sales, Gifts, Midnight Mania Room
41 K2K Headquarters Ruth is more then willing to help you with your questions about the store.
42 PeKaS Design clue "2nd Floor ANGEL"
43 Grumble I hear wedding bells...
44 Petrichord A little Boo under the rainbow
45 BagLady Design The Gnome Knows where it is..
46 Paris Metro Soft ghostly moves to the top of the stairs you will find a gown with most dramatic flair.
47 Needful Necessities Dancing to the beautiful MUSIC makes my chains rattle.
48 Pin Cushion
49 Aphrodite Shop  On on a secret place the curtains flows ghostly!
50 FLOOD I'm going to just hang out with my  big brother!
51 GUHL Wonder if a Mammut cap would work better than the witches hat?
52 Xclusives Animations "Waltz with Mephisto"
53 Imprinted Designs Me and my BOO are friends forever
54 aQ creating lifestyles See the store HINT GIVER at the back of the store on the right ... just above the hunt posters.
55 kisetsu bamBOO!
56 SALAMANDER AIRWAYS Hunt giver at the store
57 Deadfall Designs Pose with the Witchy's Hat
58 Khargo See hint giver on hunt wall in store
59 Cero Style I need to take a shower!
60 Imagine Flowers and Gardens TP above and have a conversation with a chipmunk
61 Flowers Candles Romance Touch hint giver to left of store entrance.
62 Les sucreries de fairy I love funny mummy
63 Luxurious World
64 Kennedy's How did I get up here over this door?
65 Real Glamour It's bearly a bother to find.
66 Garden Oasis See Hint Giver
67 Sassy! This BOO is tiered.
68 New York's Finest Apparel See Hint Giver - At Hunt Wall at Landing
69 Raven's Heart Boo-skin rug...
70 Stone's Work Annex See Hint Giver
71 DW Design See Hint Giver
72 The Jewelry Exchange This City in 'Brazil' is famous for its 'Carnivals'  '_ _ _'
73 Llyr's Bay Fish & Mer Market
74  What sort of disaster wound him up there? I doubt it was beautiful
75 Country Charm Why do the dead alway's come out at night?
76 Seasonal Creations See Hint Giver
77 Ali Couture Rhapsody in BOO
78 Whims & Wishes I love Halloween!
79 CJ Designs
80 Static Clothing Co. Three's Company!
81 Tryst See Hint Giver
82 Vamp Shoes Not Hidden Yet
83 N@N@ Little Miss Muffet's Spider was red
84 Spirit Store Japanese pictures are awesome
85 Indigo Oddities I feel safe hiding behind these mushrooms.
86 Holly's Fashions Drop a letter to your BOO

87 Lemons & Cream Why did I run upstairs?  I'm hiding under here till it's all over!
88 Couture Chapeau The Hatters Girlfriend is not afraid of a little BOO
89 Krasota The door to the backyard is open.
90 Hatter'n Hell Just hangin' with my big cousins
91 Asteria Creations Carra put the Rock in Roxley
92 Kabuki Creations See Hint Giver

93 MadPea Store This bell tolls for thee is probably just one of those red herring clues.
94 M & M Deco See Hint Giver

95 Biohazard Rocker Wear I bask in the sunlight as I sit atop the back of the great pumpkin.
96 Zero Cool The ghosts the giftcardbox have hidden, but will you find it surely in the midden, of all BOO's the Ghosts have left.  WIll we find out, was it a theft?  No, a challenge which you will solve smart, finally for the 250 Linden Giftcard.  The boxed Giftcard is offered once a time, LM included, unpack it and all is fine!
97 SWAK Designs I'd like to apply for some madness.
98 KristicA Try the tattoo
99 Clarity Creations Even a BOO wants a little leather
100 Eye Candy
101 WafflerZ Look up its coming soon
102 Nightplay
103 Muted Gestures
104 enLightened The old BOO-tube
105 LC Designs this is a formal hint, hehehehehe
106 InDiscreations Don't get stuck looking for the gift
107 Lili's Couture Collection See that monster on the floor he got hungry and ate all the prizes for the hunt.  Test your luck and see if you can rescue the prize.
108 -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles Nevermore
109 Never Ever
110 ~Simply~ Please Check in store Hint Giver
111 Earthly Delights Careful not to scare the lady bugs!

112 Shadow Moon What is that stinch?
113 Dean's Men's and Women's Fashions
114 Feeel I m hidden up where it is faster than sound
115 Full Moon Fashions 1. Nobody puts BOO in a corner.  2. What is the new fashion in capes on or off the shoulders?  3.  It's no time to slumer with flowers in your hair.

116 *PicNY* Look for the Mermaids
117 FabCat The Stars are golden
118 Nishi Designs The lovers hide your prize
119 Chaos, Panic, & Disorder It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea
120 Dragon Magick Wares Gah! Get me away from this wannabe tinkerbell
121 ANCAYI Demo
122 Vels Boutique I Play the Keys
123 Swine and Roses Take a seat a feed the pigs?

124 Shadow Dreams I m hidden up where it is faster than sound
125 ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Don't poison me!
126 Unforgettable Temptations It's perfectly alright to be a bloody terror on Halloween.
127 Sour Pickles "What!  Do you live under a rock?

128 Embody Shapes & Poses It's FUN to look up
129 Creations Beneath the stairway to heaven
130 TTF - Thea Tamura Fashion II Floor
131 Segundo The big treasure box holds your fortune.
132 Thunderbolt For the modern witch it's perfectly acceptable to wear pink
133 Petals on the Wind See Hint Giver at Landing
134 Adoness Look out the window but not too far
135 Sweat's Treats Yummy!  Caramel Candy Apples
136 Suburban Avenue Is it better to be a diva or a gothic diva?

137 VMC No time to sit down your close to the end.
138 Alloro Even creatures of the night need a nap.
139 Deep Blue Sea designs The ruins of the deep guard their secrets well
140 NUTS Inc. BOO to you Too (also hintgiver on the sign
141 Park Place What time is it anyway?
142 Holiday Bliss Do hanging skeletons rattle?

143 Carrie's Lingerie A "Booty-ful" view for Halloween Fun !
144 Debutante I'm sheltered from the sun here.
145 Designs By Sebastian You can look low, You can look high, Inside the fence is where i lie.
146 VISIONS GALLERY See Hint Giver On Poster
147 M&M Celtic Designs See Hint Giver on Poster
148 Syrenz Shadowz See Hint Giver @ Landing point
149 Takarah You never know what prize you'll get.

150 PawFect Neko

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Greatest Love Presents
Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt
Current List of Participating Vendors
Vendors 1 - 25
#001 Dulce Secrets
#002 Aidoru
#003 TempT
#004 RnB Designs Furniture
#005 Serenity Designs
#006 SLACY's
#007 Misera
#008 Genesis Inc.
#009 Evaki
#010 Electric
#011 Ducknipple
#012 Avatar Bizarre
#013 Kamiri
#014 Aster's Builts
#015 The Caproni Style
#016 Pipers Place
#017 Saris Creation's
#018 Nishi Designs
#019 Tree House Treasures
#020 Jugg & Jinja's Boutique
#021 Tiny Spaces
Central Landing Point:  Please let the shopping plaza rez all the way then look for the big green building.
#022 Lantian - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to the next stop: Moulliez
#023 Moulliez
#024 The Crossing
#025 Bound & Bitten - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop: Dark Vision
Vendors 26 - 50
#026  Dark Vision
#027  Exquisite Eye Decorations
#028  Empyreal Dreams
#029  Hearth & Home
#030  Illy Creations
#031  Trident
#032  AmberMyst Botanical Designs
#033  Cynful Designs
#034  Home Decor: OREGON
#035  Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop:  Amulet
#036  Amulet
#037  Marke Eigenbau
#038  Favienne Bolissima Couture
#039  Maven't Home Furnishings & Decor
#040  Phoebe Piercings & more
#041  K2K United Enteprises
#042  PeKaS Designs
#043  Grumble
#044  Petrichor
#045  BagLady Design
#046  Paris Metro
#047  Needful Necessities
#048  Pin Cushion
#049  Aphrodite Shop
#050  FLOOD
Vendors 51 - 75
#051  Guhl - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop:  Imprinted Designs
#052  X-clusives Animations - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop: Imprinted Designs
#053  Imprinted Designs
#054  aQ Creating Lifestyles
#055  Kisetsu
#056  Salamander World - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop:  DeadFall Designs and Photography
#057  DeadFall Designs and Photography
#058  Khargo
#059  Cero Style
#060  Imagine Flowers
#061  Flowers Candles Romance
#062  Les Sucreries de Fairy
#063  Luxurious World
#064  Kennedy's
#065  Real Glamour
#066  Garden Oasis
#067  Sassy
#068 New York's Finest Apparel
#069  Raven's Heart
#070  Stone's Works Annex
#071  DW Designs - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop: The Jewellery Exchange
#072  The Jewellery Exchange
#073  Llyr's Fish & Mer Market
#074  Lash-Ware
#075  Country Charm
Vendors 76 - 100
#076  Seasonal Creations
#077  Ali Couture
#078  Whim & Wishes
#079  CJ Design
#080  Static Clothing Co.
#081  Tryst - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop:  Studio Nails
Take TP at landing and head up.  Message at landing as well.
#082  Vamp Shoes
#083  N@N@ - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop:  Spirit Store
#084  Spirit Store
#085  Indigo Odditites
#086 Holly's Fashions
#087  Lemons & Cream - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop: Couture Chapeau
#088  Couture Chapeau
#089  Krasota
You will land inside Spirit Store.  Krasota is the farthest build from Spirit Store.
#090  Hatter n' Hell - Adult SIM Walk Around
SLURL to next stop:  Asteria Creations
#091  Asteria Creations
#092  Kabuki Creations
#093  MadPea
#094  M&M Deco
#095  Biohazard Rocker Wear
#096  Zero Cool Designz
#097  SWAK Designs
#098  KristicA
You will land inside Spirit Store.  KristicA is right next door.
#099  Clarity Creations
#100  Eye Candi
Vendors 101 - 125
#101  Wafflrez
#102  Nightplay
#103  [Muted]Gestures
#104  enLightened
#105  LC Designs
#106  (IN)Discretions
#107  Lili's Couture Collection
#108  Hanaya Yummy Collectibles
#109  Never Ever
#110  Simply
#111  Earthly Delights
#112  Shadow Moon
#113  Deans Men's and Women's Fashions
#114  Feeel
#115 Full Moon Fashions
#116  PicNY
#117  FabCat
#118  Juneberry Art Glass Store
#119  Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
#120  Dragon Magick Wares
#121  ANCAYI
#122  Vels Gothic Boutique
#123  Swine and Roses
#124  Shadow Dreams
#125  Hysteria
Vendors 126 - 150
#126  Unforgettable Temptations - Adult SIM walkaround
SLURL to next stop: Sour Pickles
#127  Sour Pickles
#128  Embody Shapes & Poses
#129  Creations
#130  Thea Tamura Fashion
#131  Segundo
#132  Thunderbolt - Adult SIM walkaround
SLURL to next stop: Petals on the Wind
#133  Petals on the Wind
#134  Adoness
#135  Sweat's Treats
#136  Suburban Avenue
#137  VMC
#138  Alloro
#139  Deep Blue Sea Designs
#140  NUTS Inc.
#141  Park Place Home Decor
#142  Holiday Bliss
#143  Carrie's Lingerie
#144  Debutante
#145  Designs by Sebastian
#146  Visions Gallery
#147  M&M Celtic Designs
#148  Syrenz Shapes
#149  Takara
#150  PawPerfect Neko