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Helpful Hunter Tips:
At many stops there will be other hunts going on, MM boards, custom fishing prizes etc. If you are in a hurry you will miss out on a lot of good stuff so my first advice is... slow down, relax, enjoy.
Issue 1:  I Can't see the prize even though people say it's there!!!
Resolution:  This is a common issue usually after a person has been hunting a while.  When you are traveling around a lot and seeing a lot of builds and sims and textures, all these things are stored in various cache files on your pc and can really mess up new graphics loading. Below is a work around that will help.  There are 5 caches that can be cleared.   (After clearing these caches it is recomended to shut your pc completely off for 20 min before rebooting. This is to cool down your machine and possibly you.)  2 are in edit/ preferences one on the network tab, and one on the web tab 2 are in the advanced menu (If you do not see an advanced menue at the top of your screen press the keys on your keyboard "ctrl, alt, the letter D") From advanced you will see "clear group cache"
also in the advanced menue is "world" and "dump region object cache" the 5th cache is not in your interface. It is a clear visual cache and here is an object you need to rez in world and sit on that will clear this for you.  After you have cleared these 5 caches I recomend running a program called "ccleaner" it is free, it gives you options to clear all kinds of personal data, passwords, auto complete, and browser caches. It also has a registry cleaner that is very helpful in keeping your pc running faster in general. I run it everytime I shut down my pc. There is ALWAYS garbage there is rids me of.

Issue 2: LAG
Resolution: Lag can be caused by many things. Some you can control to some degree.
In edit preferences check the network tab and make sure your bandwidth is not above 300. Most computers can not handle more than this and will bog down if asked to try. Check the graphics tab. For hunting I usually keep my graphics quality on low or mid. never higher. If you click the custom box you will see there is a slider on the top right for draw distance. The higher the draw distance the further away you can see but... the more you have to load the more lag you will experience. I keep this number at 64 durring hunts. There are many other settings here you can learn about and will help you reduce lag further.  Lag and your avatar. How to find your avatar rendering cost number. (If you do not see an advanced menue at the top of your screen press the keys on your keyboard "ctrl, alt, the letter D")  Once the advanced menue visible look for "rendering" then "info displays" then "avatar rendering cost"  Clicking this on will put a number over your head. Anything over 1k is likely lagging not only you but people around you and potentially the grid everytime you teleport depending on what is making the number so high.  Recomendations... wear low prim outfits and no scripted items such as hair, weapons, shoes, resize scripted outfits are a biggie.  Keep your ARC number green in color and you may notice a huge difference.

Issue 3:  I can't find the store.
Resolution: When you land at a parcel, make sure you stay on the parcel you landed. It is very unlikely a store owner will hide a prize at someone elses place.  LOOK for signs. Sometimes there will be more than one place of business on a parcel. Look around for store signs, hunt tracks and make sure you are actually at the right place. Just because you see a hunt sign doesn't mean that is the only place at that landing site.  Wait for the area to rez before trying to move around. You can really get turned around and way off track and miss important visual clues or even the prize itself by being hastey.  I notice that flying hunters  have the hardest time finding things due to being in a hurry or just being to high up to see things that would lead them to the prize. Have patience and talk politely in help chat. Remember that a prize that is easy for one is impossible for another. Please and thank you go a long way in gaining extra help along the way.  Most of all... please remember that vendors do these hunts as a way to market their store and provide a fun way for you to get freebies and see the grid. It is a "hunt," not a grab and go freebie quest. Do not expect to land, see your prize and then tp out to the next. Please read hints and hunt for 10 to 15 minutes and give it a good honest attempt before you ask in chat for extra help.

Issue 4:  I hate/dislike the prize.
Resolution: Don't complain in group chat or open chat.  If the prize is not to your liking still say thank you to the designer and delete the gift.  If you like a store and the gift they made for you, say thank you. If you can't afford to buy something or throw money in their tip jug, then at least compliment them or hang out and give them extra traffic at their store.

Hunt with a attitude of gratitude and you will have more fun.
Peace to you all and happy hunting!!!
Coutesy of Branwynn Dawner

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