Sunday, November 21, 2010

GL Winter King & Queen Vendors

The Greatest Love Winter King & Queen Hunt will begin Dec 18th. Below is a list of participating stores and hints.  Not all stores provided hints.  Many stores have hint givers. 
1. Dulce Secrets
Hint: 1 - Santa's sack holds your royal scepter.
        2 - This tropical plant is a Christmas tradition.
2. 22769 Casual Couture
Hint: Check the Hint giver on our events wall (Where all the hunt posters are.) for current up to date hint.  We change hideouts on a regular basis.
3. Creative Muse Designs
Hint: Up, up, up you go, I hear the third floor is where you'll see things.
4. Foxworth Creations
Hint: Hints can be found in the twisted wooded heat hint giver at the landing point and in the hunt info area.
5. Iced
6. Razorblade Jacket
Hint: Sit upon your Royal throne and you shall find your scepter.
7. Aster's Builts
Hint: Check hint giver
8. Exquisitely Exposed
Hint: The Sky's the limit
9. Ignition
Hint: Check the hint giver.
10. Eluszion
Hint: Santa left a present under the tree for you!
11. Fractal Designs
Hint: I need to fix that draft before the snow comes.
12. Timeless Textures
Hint: Check the hint giver
Hint: Snowflakes gather near the window sill some fall some melt.
14. Jugg & Jinja's Boutique
Hint: Check Hint Giver
15. Dahllywood
Hint: Luckily, I won't make you stay in the corner.
16. Moulliez
Hint: Look towards Egypt and you will find me.
17. Sugar & Spice
Hint: Pick up the phone and call me.
18. Slacy's
Hint: Prizes are often found in advertising items...check around ours and bet you find your prize.
19. RRM Reigning Realms
Hint: Putting the back in Back Issues.
20. Abundantia
Hint: Mind the King and Queen from space.
21. Papillon's
Hint: Look by the couch upstairs!
22. Silk & Satyr Mainstore
Hint: In the winter, it's nice to sit down next to a comfy fireplace.
23. Studio Nails
Hint: Nobody puts Finchy in a corner!
24. Avatar Bizarre
Hint: You Kings need a cane and top hat to put on the Ritz.
25. Illicit Designs
26. aMuse
Hint: These heels will make every Queen go GAGA.
27. SB Wear
Hint: What do you mean I am not a vase?
28. Gesticulate
Hint: Look for the short one with a purple hat.
29. DivaLicious
Hint: Christmas is a fantasy!
Hint: Hope you're not on his naughty list, cuz if you are you may get your hand slapped searching in this bag.
31. Never Ever
      Hint: Sometimes at midnight...women will be a queen and then they carry a scepter!
32. Lantian (Adult)
Adult SIM Bridges:
Hint: Hey, what's NEW?  It's my CROWNing achievement!
33. JSF & C2GO
Hint: Not quite a throne I know, but a seat just the same :)
34. Egyptian Market
35. Sterling Artistry
Hint: Kings and Queens like to hang out on a raised dais.
36. USC Textures
Hint: When the clock strikes at midnight, find your prize.
37. Pink a Boo
Hint: Sit under the tree and unwrap your gift.
38. Drama Libre
Hint: You must click the door to go find what you seek!
39. Pestique Furniture
Hint: A tree is not always just for Christmas!
40. Digital Fairy
Hint: Santa lay his gift where he always does!  The pink for the girl and the blue for the men!
41. Tree House Treasures
Hint: I hope this snowflake does not melt in the water.
42. Lacie Dayz
Hint: There ain't just soup in the pot
43. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Hint: Search through the forest and you will find me hiding in a forgotten corner.
44. Pema in Pieces
Hint: The store is small no hint needed.
45. Clothes Culture
Hint: Queen Blue Blossom awaits you
46. C & D Designs
Hint: Check hint giver.
47. Simply
Hint: Check hint giver
48. Michigan's Shack and Mall
Hint: Check hint giver
49. Casa de Zen
Hint: Check hint giver.
50. Demotik
Hint: Glittering garland be-decks the halls and walls.
51. Nishi Gallery (NEW STORE)
Hint: Look for the light....
52. RnB Designs Furniture
Hint: Blue sweet dreams for you.
53. Phoebe Piercings & more
54. Eye Candi
Hint: Marie has her eyes on the crown and scepter.
55. Saris Creation's
Hint: Check hint giver
56. Carrasco's
Hint: Every Emperor even a penquin needs to have their royal scepter.
57. Reality Designs Showroom
Adult SIM Bridges:
Hint: Some Queens just have to strut their stuff.
58. 4Life
Hint: A Queen can be a Sexy Dame.
59. Divine Beauty
Hint: From here you can see the gift cards.
60. Simply Ayres
Hint: A guys dream that goes varroom varroom.
61. Sweet
Hint: I really don't think a corner is any place to put royalty.
62. Halloween Town by PQD
Hint: Christmas doesn't always have to be white.
63. Silk Dreams Fashions
Hint: Check Hint Giver
64. Full Moon Fashions
Hint: It's a cinch to find this scepter.
 65. Bound & Bitten (ADULT)
      Adult SIM Bridge:
Hint: Check hint giver
66. Glitterati by Sapphire
Hint: Red is the colour of the season.  Walk right in and go for red!
67. Wisent Animations
Hint: One of the Reindeers will show you who is the king....Happy hunting!
68. FlufferNutterz
Hint: This is no shooting star.
69. K2K United Enterprises
Hint: Watch the barmaid inside.
70. Icarus Home and Media
Hint: Which is better Glossy Black or Brushed Aluminum?
71. Lemania Indigo Designs
Hint: These classic updo's are perfect for all Queens.
72. Brass in Pocket Art Gallery
Hint: Check hint giver
73. Belle's Happy Birthday
Hint: Check hint giver.
74. Belle's Wedding
Hint: Check hint giver.
75. (In)Discretions
Hint: Watch where you sit!
76. Kazumi and Rajwa
Hint: Lucy in the sky with....Sparkle!
77. Store No Longer In the Hunt
      Bridge to Next Store:
78. Dionysia Designs
Hint: Her Royal Highness
79. The Sacred Flame Weddings
Hint: The King & Queen love to be near Winter Flowers!
80. Maven's Home Furnishings
Hint: Check hint giver.
81. Willows Marketplace
Hint: Wanted Kings & Queens of SL
82. LoveBird's Paradise (Adults)
Adult SIM Bridge:
Hint: This New Living Room Set Looks so comfy...Oh and you can even change colors...What's This beside the chair, a PRIZE just for me?  Happy Hunting!
83. Hearth & Home
Hint: The rich colors of royalty will surround you and screen you from the world.
84. Eclectic Firefly
Hint: Check hint giver
85. Ear Candy
Hint: Naughty or Nice?? In the corner for you!
86. Visions Gallery
Hint: Main Shop, upstairs, N/W corner, I'm in a fantasy.
87. Misera
Hint: Sit down and rest on my petals.
88. Fabu
Hint: This group had a hit with "Walk Like An Egyptian" - Find the objects of a similar name and you'll find your prize.
89. Garage
Hint: Queens should wear more lace.
90. Adoring Charms
Hint: Check hint giver
91. Design 360
Hint: The way to a man's heart...
92. Tik Tok
Hint: It's not multiplication nor is it down!
93. Vamp Shoes
Hint: Purty pink flowers can't hide this scepter from the Queen.
94. Daallinii's Creations
Hint: The main shop is better rest on the bench before taking the stairs....
95. Couture Chapeau
Hint: Touch sign for hint.
96. Loch Avie Bazaar
Hint: 1.  Some hunters may need a hug and others
        2.  a Bird of Paradise or two!  Find the gifts - both of you!
97. Juneberry Art Glass
Hint: Check the hint giver.
98. A Touch of Katlene Niven
Hint: Gacha!
99. TRIDENT Mainstore
Hint: Out in the open. Where grey clouds turn slow I rais branches to the sky the last leaves of autumn blown away in the snow.
100. TRIDENT Jewelry
Hint: Where wood embraces iron and the mistletoe grows there do lovers kiss in the roots I am found.
101. Earthly Delights
Hint: It's looking like a Blue Halloween??
102. LeaS
Hint: Queens and Kings rise to high rank in between the twinkling stars.
103. TempT Fashions
Hint: Who says stairways are just for success?
104.Felicia's Fashions
Hint: The Winter Queen stopped to listen to "7 Snowchildren singing Silent Night" and must have dropped her scepter when she started clapping.
105. Snowpaws!
Hint: Queens should reign in the clouds.
106. aQ creating lifestyles
Hint: Pick some grapes on your way.  Crush them in the tub on the hay. But only once the wine is in the cask.  Will you complete your task.
107. (census)
Hint: Have you had any bright ideas today?
108. De La Soul
Hint: Guarded by Elvens.
109. MCD Main Store
Hint: Don't get swept into a corner...this hint will floor you.
110. Elegant Epiffany
Hint: Santa just loves to leave surprises under the tree.