Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greatest Love Presents Hearts Ablaze Hunt

February 11th to March 3rd 
Hearts Ablaze Hunt
The next big Greatest Love hunt event! With a fantastic following of hunters over several previous hunts, and the excellent  Greatest Love vendors, this is the hunt to join as a vendor!
I will only be taking 75 vendors for this hunt.  All applications are due by January 15th.  Any late applications will not be accepted.
1. You, your representative, or your often checked alt will join the hunt group and remain until the end of the hunt.  This is highly important for communication prior to and during the hunt. 
2. All vendors are encouraged (NOT REQUIRED) to provide a quality gift for both men and women or a unisex item based on the theme. No childrens.
3. You agree to rezz your sign 2 weeks prior to start of the hunt and to rezz your hunt item at or near the sign for the walkthrough.
4. You understand that stores in non-compliance 3 days prior to start of hunt risk being dropped. I MUST hear from you before then!  If I send you a notecard and you don't respond you risk losing your spot.  I will enforce this one on this hunt.  If I don't hear from you I'll be forced to drop you from this hunt.  This is not personal it's just so we have a smooth running hunt.
5. You must read/write fluent English.
6. This hunt aims for quality. Gifts should be of equal quality as what you sell in your store.  Please consider this before submitting your application. (this does not mean only big or popular stores, it means no noob or freebie quality starter stuff)  Stores only. No resellers or clubs. Original merchandise only.
7.  If you move please use the moving notecard included in the welcome kit to let me know you've moved.  If you recieve a notecard from me with any changes please make the changes that the notecard indicate immediately.  Failure to make the changes will make the hunt difficult for hunters.
 **Incomplete apps will be deleted, sorry.  I will only be accepting application online.
Link to application: