Saturday, June 29, 2013

When Pigs Fly Hints

Below are hints for the When Pigs Fly Hunt.  Not all designers submitted hints.  *NOTE* Stores may move their hunt objects during the hunt making these hints obsolete.
1. Dulce Secrets
FEMALE "Petunia thinks she's one cool cat since she started hanging out with  these 5 cats." MALE "Pete flew to high as he was wandering around the store.  Now he's holding on to the metal works for dear life."
2. Piddler's Perch
"When was the last time you actually sat down and wrote a letter?"
3. Steaming Ahead
"Up you must go to build a fire."
4. Peeps
"I don't know if pigs can fly but I bet they can swim. But what would they wear?"
5. Designs by Sebastian
FEMALE "Look low, I like dirt and flowers."  MALE "Tired of flying, found a ride up high."
6. Shhh! It's a Secret
"Under lights I am the gift of the week."
7. Loordes of London
"By the Bargains."
8. Stars!
""You will find Petunia with her namesakes." 
9. :{MV}:
"When Petunia was asked about spotlights she thought she'd be IN the spotlight not running one."
"This little piggy went to the 3rd level"
11. Isis Boutique
"Little piggy, your not a bird! Watch out for that... door! "
12. Just Darling
"Petunia pig likes a great deal, maybe shes flying around where there's sales!"
13. .: Glow Designs :.
"I'm flying in colors."
14. Style by Kira
No Hint.....Yet!
15. Miss Darcy
"Pete keeps saying "Oh la la.....I like pink."  I think he's shopping for his little Petunia."
16. Julia Collection
"While Pete is shopping at Miss Darcy, Petunia has decided to start preparing for their little date.  She's booked them a ride on the 'Love Boat'."
17. Grumble
"Pigs can't fly over the radio station-the antenna is in the way."
18. Fantasy China
"Pete has gotten a bit crab-by lately."
19. MoonDance Boutique
"These two women are some of the biggest names in GLG, you will respect their authority!"
"Look for Hearts"
"Spider pig, spider pig does what a spider pig does. Pete has found he not only can fly but can walk on the ceiling."
22. Lark
"Petunia know she's cool but hopes your not blind since she's hidden in plain view."
23. Aphrodite Shop
"To the sound of falling water."
24. New York Couture
FEMALE "The Iron Queen leads Petunia on her new journey in the farthest corners." MALE "Pete is having a hard time choose just one color it's a good thing he choose something with 4 colors, jeans and a turtleneck."
25. Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
FEMALE "Petunia has flown over the moon....three times."  MALE "Pete is always looking for a bargain."
26. :.::Hot Stuff::.:
"Pete is hoping to get lucky later tonight!"
27. Unforgettable Temptations
Petunia - "I want to be a butterfly...such pretty wings"
Pete - "We pigs fancy a good game"

28. Evaki
"Go up...if you hit your head  you have gone too far."
29. RVi Design
"Ever wonder how pigs learn to fly?  Well, they first need to find the right dragon to teach them!"
30. Sin Original
"These cards are gifts."
31. Khargo
"Let sleeping pigs lie."
32. Bound & Bitten
"Find the hunt poster."
33. .+*+. Kamiri .+*+. 
"Over the counter"
34. Lil'Gem's
35. Impish
"I can fly! Really really high!"
36. [PM] Poses
"It's a bird, nooo its a plane nooooo its a flying pig ?"
37. Amulet
No Hint......Yet!
38. Raven's Heart
No Hint....Yet!
39. Paris METRO Couture
"Welcome to Paris METRO Couture Sydney, where pigs can fly, so up the stairs with you, and near the window, on the shelf is where I have landed."
40. ::A&A::
41. Mmm...Kay!
"Don't go out the door."
42. Laval Fashion Store
43. Kabuki Creations
"Hug and kiss Anywhere  (Main section, Upper floor only)"
44. Brass in Pocket
"I am the Hurtle King."
45. The Jewellery Exchange
"When Pete pig fell overboard he borrowed 'MY LIFE BUOY'!  Petunia pig took a trip to see MOCTEZUMA!"
46. ~Shadow Moon~
"PETE - I bet you might see some flying pigs at the Carnival!
HINT PETUNIA - A girl can never have too many shoes! "

47. Dragon Magick Wares
"I maybe a flying pig but I'm still afraid of heights."
48. G&N Quality Design
"I guess I need a new makeup.(pls Check makeup section)"
50. WCI
"Do flying pigs make nests?!?!?!?!? "
51. OwlToast
52. Azrah Fantasy Pets
"Surrounded by stone, where green is my home. Staring eyes, behind I hide and soon you shall find yourself at my side."
53. Tresor Couture
"Petunia hovers elegantly high when she's shopping."
"Time For Desert!- 2nd floor Zuri's "
55. NSP Florals
"Fly Away Piggy!"
56. Pure Poison
57. Brandi's Intimates
"Love on display."

When Pigs Fly Hunt Known Issues

These are the following known issues in the When Pigs Fly Hunt:

WPFH #007 Loordes of London
Known Issue:  Store has moved to new location.
Taxi to WPFH #007 Loordes of London

WPFH #008 Stars!
Known Issue: Store changed placement on their sim.
Taxi to WPFH #008 Stars!

WPFH #011 Isis Boutique
Known Issue: Store has moved to new location.
Taxi to WPFH #011 Isis Boutique

WPFH #014 Style By Kira
Known Issue:  Store is under construction.
Taxi to WPFH #015 Miss Darcy

WPFH #019 Moondance Boutique
Known Issue:  STORE IS READY
Taxi to WPFH #019 Moondance Boutique

WPFH #033 .+*+. Kamiri .+*+.
Known Issue: No Landmark to next location.
Taxi to WPFH #034 Lil' Gem's

WPFH #034 Lil' Gem's
Known Issue: Store Dropped From Hunt
Taxi to WPFH #035 Impish

WPFH #036 [PM] Poses
Known Issue: Sim has a forced landing point inside another store.  Find your way upstairs. PM Poses is close to the stage.

WPFH #037 Amulet
Known Issue:  Store not ready due to RL issues.
Taxi to WPFH #038 Raven's Heart

WPFH #038 Raven's Heart
Known Issue:  Store not ready due to RL issues. 
Taxi to WPFH #039 Paris METRO Couture

WPFH #039 Paris METRO Couture
Known Issue: Sim has a forced landing point.  Find your way from the Sydney Opera, across the port and into the city.  Go up the ramp and procede to store.

WPFH #040 ::A&A::
Known Issue:  Designer had to drop from the hunt.
Taxi to WPFH #041 Mmm...Kay!

WPFH #042 *Laval Fashion Store*
Known Issue:  Store Dropped From Hunt
Taxi to WPFH #043 Kabuki Creations

WPFH #044 Brass in Pocket
Known Issue:  Object is not set to sell contents.  You'll have to go home or to a sandbox to open it.
Taxi to WPFH #045 The Jewellery Exchange

WPFH #048 G&N Quality Design
Known Issue: Store Dropped From Hunt
Taxi to WPFH #049 CERO STYLE

Known Issue:  Store Dropped From Hunt
Taxi to WPFH #052 Azrah Fantasy Pets

WPFH #052 Azrah Fantasy Pets
Known Issue:  Landmark to next store is missing.
Taxi to WPFH #053 Tresor Couture

Known Issue: Store has moved.

WPFH #055 NSP Floral
Known Issue: Store has moved.
Taxi to WPFH #055 NSP Floral

WPFH #056 Pure Poison
Known Issue: Store Dropped From Hunt
Taxi to WPFH #057 Brandi's Intimates

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meet Pete and Petunia Your Hunt Objects

Hello Hunters!  I want to introduce you to your When Pigs Fly hunt object, Pete and Petunia.  These hunt objects will be found along the WPFH at participating stores.  Not all stores will be using both as hunt designers will be given the opportunity to choose which object they want to use for the hunt.  Designers have been asked to display which object they will be using for the hunt by the hunt poster.  If you happen to see both object then you have 2 gifts to find.  When Pigs Fly Hunt begins June 30th.  ~ AnneAlyce Maertens

When Pigs Fly Participating Stores

Below is a list of stores participating in Greatest Love's next hunt, When Pigs Fly.

1.  Dulce Secrets
2.  Piddler's Perch
3.  Steaming Ahead
4.  Peeps
5.  Designs by Sebastian
6.  Shhh! It's a Secret
7.  Loordes of London
8.  Stars!
9.  :{MV}:
11.  Isis Boutique
12.  Just Darling
13.  .: Glow Designs :.
14.  Style by Kira
15.  Miss Darcy
16.  Julia Collection
17.  Grumble
18.  Fantasy China
19.  MoonDance Boutique
22.  Lark
23.  Aphrodite Shop
24.  New York Couture
25.  Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
26.  :.::Hot Stuff::.:
27.  Unforgettable Temptations
28.  Evaki
29.  RVi Design
30.  Sin Original
31.  Khargo
32.  Bound & Bitten
33.  .+*+. Kamiri .+*+.
34.  Lil'Gem's
35.  Impish
36.  [PM] Poses
37.  Amulet
38.  Raven's Heart
39.  Paris METRO Couture
40.  ::A&A::
41.  Mmm...Kay!
42.  Laval Fashion Store
43.  Kabuki Creations
44.  Brass in Pocket
45.  The Jewellery Exchange
46.  ~Shadow Moon~
47.  Dragon Magick Wares
48.  G&N Quality Design
50.  WCI
51.  OwlToast
52.  Azrah Fantasy Pets
53.  Tresor Couture
55.  NSP Florals
56.  Pure Poison
57.  Brandi's Intimates