Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skipping Stones Hints

Hunters please be aware that vendors may move their objects making the hints outdated.  Please ask in the Greatest Love Group if you get stuck.
#001: Between 2 chairs and against the wall the skipping stone does lie.
#002: Tons of Checkers and Plaids here
#003: Turquoise is a stone that can't be skipped.
#004:  Maybe your letter or number will show up so you get more than 1 prize.
#005:  Look Above The Most Sparkly Dress In The Store!
#006:  cash in on savings
#007:  Choose where you want to go but before you TP pick up your hunt prize.
#008:  I gaze upon the beauty of the outdoors
#009:  In the water is where I lie, not too far and not too nigh
#010:  Her icy stare may freeze stones but her winter nails will crack them.
#011:  This stone is so pretty, I think I'll display it with my other treasures.
#012:  Kicking rocks while they kiss is just plain rude.
#013:  A pair of stones, near some water, one for him and one for her
#014:  I belong in the enchanted forest.
#015:  New releases you will find a skipping stone lying on the ground.
#016:  A perfect cap for a round ball.
#017:  To go from floor to floor you must go round and round.  Don't go down and don't go up but round and round you must go.
#018:  Pillars are at my corners, curtains do decorate me, up on top your gift does await.
#019:  'this skipping stone has the key to my heart'
#020:  I sit inside as it spins around.  You might have to stop the spinning to get me.
#021:  elegance is only a question of high class. its all in your head.
#022:  You look like you need to sit a spell and take a rest.  Just be careful not to sit on the rock since it's not a pillow.
#023:  A Ledge I Sit, Looking Upon Water, All I want Is a Sip
#024:  Give me a Fashion high 5
#025:  Melody is ready for a party.
#026:  "Look for an exotic plant its leaves so large and green. Stand quite ear and have a drink , your gift should then be seen near."
#027:  ʺSarah knows where I am hiding... or maybe Betty... or Pia...ʺ
Taxi to next store:  Bound & Bitten
#029: #029:  Kiss me you fool
#030:  Have a seat after a long day of hunting
#031:  Take a trip to Rockport.
#032:  I love Dancing (In club and Home area)
#033:  Don't get distracted by the grates changing colors or you'll miss the prize.
#034:  Stones make a nice addition to your decor.
#035:  Clodette
#036:  Up near the roof you will find me.
#038:  No you are not vain if you use a vanity.
Taxi to next store:  Lustre Designs
#040:  i love looking at the waterfall
Taxi to next store:  Lindy's Modern & Retro Shoes
#042:  ʺFlat smooth stones are best for skipping!ʺ
#043:  Lay back and relax  under the umbrella...
#044:  Its a pile of rocks...
#045: Enjoy the view.
#046:  When you lounge about you could get stoned.
#047:  Where o where can my prize be.
Over there FULL PERM ROOM has many thing to see.
I look around, did they get sneaky?
Right there it hides, just waiting to GET FREAKY.
#048:  Stones and Pearls like to hang out together...
#049:  I love lighthouses!
#050:  SUMMER may be fading fast but that doesn't mean the fun will stop.
#051:  It's not every day that you find a stone next to an unbroken window.
#052:  You will go to the Ball
Taxi to Next Store:  Anarya Designs
#054:  "Don't forget to water me!"
Taxi to next store:  Le Bistro Interactive Cooking
#056:  I'll just perch up here till I get chocolate.
#057:  This pillow is awfully hard how do you expect me to get any sleep.
#058:  Stones look lovely in bamboo gardens
#059:  Do you feel lucky?  Well if your letters show up you will be.
#060:  Don't be so sad bunny your stone will skip across the water.
#061:  Ewwww......It's really time to take out the trash.
#062:  The cobblestone is a bit uneven be careful not to trip.
#063:  Protector of the Sweets!
#064:  Her heart has sunk to the bottom of her soul just like a stone in a lake.
#065:  The Outlet you must search.
#066:  Store is not ready yet
Taxi to next store:  Evolving Pixels
#067:  Hanging with the big
#068:  "I got skipped WAY up here, good thing the glass didn't break"
#069:  "It will be really hard to do stone skipping with Stonehenge stones!"
Taxi to Next Store:  SkitzoFreniks Designs
#071:  You will find me skimming across the water amongst the flowers.
#072:  Yay Freebies !!! (upper floor only)
#073:  soft and warm, sit and snuggle up
#074:  Such a great place to play hide and seek but make sure your shoes don't stick out.
Taxi to Next Store:  Brogan Cael Designs
#076:  These two very sexy ladies hide a wonderful prize.
#077: Upper Floor "CHESTNUT"
#078:  I should fire the cleaner, I found still so much dust in the corners and under the furniture
#079:  I Love Grandmothers Old Chair.
#080:  Stand on the dock and throw stones.
#081:  Balance
#082:  Monique has a surprise for you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skipping Stones Vendor List

Greatest Love presents Skipping Stones Hunt.  We have a wonderful line up of fantastic vendors for this hunt.
1.   Dulce Secrets
2.   Shadow Moon
3.   Graffitiwear
4.   Black Hole Sun
5.   1 Hundred
6.   Tempestuous Designs
7.   Glitterati by Sapphire
8.   The Phoenix Collections
9.   Stars!
10. Chaos, Panic, & Disorder!
11. Bayview Market
12. 2KILL4 and 2DreamPoses
13. Designs by Sebastian
14. Imagine Flowers and Garden
15. Maribol Inshan Designs
16. Moulliez
17. Circa
19. LoveFactory
20. Nishi Designs
21 Aidoru
23. Zinas
24. New Your Couture
25. Just Darling
26. Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothing
27. Mind Games Fashion
29. Bound & Bitten
30. Cupcake Clothing
31. Prism Designs
32. Les Sucreries de Fairy
33. blah.BLAH.blah
34. Piddler's Perch
35. Hot Stuff
36. Eric's Art Gallery
38. Khargo
40. Lustre Designs
42. Lindy's Modern & Retro Shoes
43. Grumble
44. Mustang Trading Post
45. nMn Designs
46. Background Check Textures
48. Sirens Song
49. Stitche's Creations
50. Chica Boom
51. Pillows & Things
52. BlueStar Desings
54. Anarya Designs
56. Le Bistro Interactive Cooking
57. Pixel Creations
58. Weekend Salvage
59. Superjail Emporium
61. AMD & AMT & QHI Shop
62. Wafflez Designs
63. Priscilla's Attic
64. PQD's Nightmares and Dreamz
65. bacidalucia village
66. Aphrodite Shop
67. Evolving Pixels
68. Off the Wall
69. bees heaven
71. Skitzofreniks Designs
72. Kabuki Creations
73. LoveCats Designs
74. Ear Candy
76. Brogan Cael Design
77. Rockoil
78. Ramel's Design
79. Brass in Pocket
80. L'aize Dayz
81. China Fantasy
82. Brandy's Boutique

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Greatest Love Presents Skipping Stones Hunt

One of my all time favorite late summer, early fall pasttimes is to skip stones.  That is the theme of the next Greatest Love Hunt.  The fun of being outdoors and the colors of the late summer, early fall.
To apply for the next hunt please fill in the application: HERE.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Lovin' Hunt Hints

Hints are subject to change as vendors can and most likely will move their hunt object throughout the duration of the hunt.  If you get stuck and need help please join the Greatest Love Group.

001. Dulce Secrets - Though the hunt has just started you might want to sit, relax and gather your energy.  The pillows on the floor look so comfortable and soft except for this blue heart.
002. DivaLicious - I hold your heart in my hand.
003. Kisetsu - Don't step on my heart!
004. Cero Style - i am swinging with this beautiful lady
005. Shadow Moon - OH!!! That's where I lost my glasses!
006. LoveFactory - It's summer TIME!
007. Graffitiwear - Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat IVY.
008. Aidoru - there is always room for good deals and offers
009. Elemental Jewelry - After you land, walk a straight line, the bohemian artist will lead you to your prize.
010. Mustang Trading Post - Can we step outside here?
011. Bacidalucia -my heart is between lingerie, leather and laces
012. New York Couture - To the four corners of the world.
013. Kennedy's - See Hint Giver at Store
014. The Crossing - Look near Light
015. Peippo - Cloudy skies overhead.
016. Off the Wall - Love me, Love my Frogs
017. Avatar Bizarre - See Hint Giver in Store
018. Serendipity Designs Homes & More  - Digital Images of hotties.
019. Moondance Boutique - Classic styles in 3d desgins are still as beautiful and fit everything in existance
020. Flawless - Always push the green button, never the red.
021. Stars! - I am with two hearts that beat as one.
022. 1 Hundred - Dress Yourself Up!
023. L'aize Dayz - Cooking pot in the kitchen
024. Moulliez - Jennifer is looking for some Summer Lovin'
025. Paris Metro Couture - Enter the Four Seasons Plaza Store and find the stairs
Up to the top you will climb
to find a true blue heart
all for you.
026. Vero Modero - can you feel the breeze of the palm trees?
027. BeReckless - A most unusual bird call.
028. Cherry Twist - Your love lifts me higher and higher.
029. Jewelry by Jake - You will only be enchanted by our gift, however In every fairytale there is always a little danger...
030. Bound & Bitten - See Hint Giver in Store
031. RO Act Designs - If you'll find the Medieval Cathedral you will find me.
032. Kakia Designs - Under the umbrella
033.  STORE SKIPPED Taxi to Skin Within
034. Skin Within - Dot your i's and cross your t's. Natalia is the skin to see!
035. Maribol Inshan Designs - A heart in the bush is better than a bird in the hand.
036. Incendia - See Hint Giver in Store.
037. Lady Rose Boutique - be sure to exit off stage
038. Xclusives Animations - See Hint Giver in Store
039. The Phoenix Collection - My heart will soar higher near a Friday.
040. Zinas - See Hint Giver at Store
041. Jugg and Jinja's Boutique - Oh Maggie, u stole my <3, but I <3 u anyway.... 
042. Estel - Welcome to Estel <3
043. Black Hole Sun - Take a seat & lokk around :-)
044. Pixel Snobs - Oh can that skirt BE any shorter?
045. Reila Skins & Fashion - You'll go gaga fo sure.
046. Just Darling - Make sure you do not detach all... instead go here to be on the safe side. Your prize awaits behind closed curtains.
047. Kaylee's Custom Flags & Banners - Love me, Love my Frogs
048. Meshit - Isn't it bad luck to walk under a ladder?
049. A&R Designs - Lola wears her heart on her sleeve!
050. Grumble - It's in the bag, the beach bag that is!
051. Amour Fashions - ʺLet's all have a group hugʺ
052. Mind Games - Wow, I can see the whole sim from up here!
053. Tempestuous Designs - See Hint Giver in Store
054. Illicit Designs - As you travel up, look around the corner and you will find your heart.
055. Amped Up Gestures - The higher up the higher you are to finding your summer love
056. Syrenz Shadows - Find the place to sit next to a campfire and you will find your lovin relax...
057. Hidden Treasures - Oh how i wish we could cuddle under the summer sky!!
058. Julees Creations - The sounds of nature are so relaxing.
059. Circa Designs - See Hint Giver in Store
060. Amulet - Water, Water everywhere ..even in fountains!
061. Carriage Trade Minature - You know how they do it in France, here's how they do it in Germany!
062. Reliquia - Let Your Writing Come From the Heart
063. Slacy's - Your heart will glow with the brillance from a thousand lights.
064. ZERO COOL Designz - See Hint Giver in Store
065. Bitsy Boutique - It's a new store, so make sure you read the signs!
066. Nishi Designs - Look in the NE corner for ur gift
067. 2Kill4 & 2Dream Poses
068. Pretty-N-Pink - Feeling Lucky?
069. con Charisma Gifts - From the delicate purest white your thoughts drift to the sky...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Lovin' Hunt Vendor List

Curent List of Summer Lovin' Hunt Vendors:
001.  Dulce Secrets
002.  DivaLicious
003.  Kisetsu
004.  Cero Style
005.  Shadow Moon
006.  LoveFactory
007.  Graffitiwear
008.  Aidoru
009.  Elemental Jewelry
010.  Mustang Trading Post
011.  Bacidalucia
012.  New York Couture
013.  Kennedy's
014.  The Crossing
015.  Peippo
016.  Off the Wall
017.  Avatar Bizarre
018.  Serendipity Designs Homes & More
019.  Moondance Boutique
020.  Flawless
021.  Stars!
022.  1 Hundred
023.  L'aize Dayz
024.  Moulliez
025.  Paris Metro Couture
026.  Vero Modero
027.  BeReckless
028.  Cherry Twist
029.  Jewelry by Jake
030.  Bound & Bitten
031.  RO Act Designs
032.  Kakia Designs
034.  Skin Within
035.  Maribol Inshan Designs
036.  Incendia
037.  Lady Rose Boutique
038.  Xclusives Animations
039. The Phoenix Collection
040.  Zinas
041. Jugg and Jinja's Boutique
042. Estel
043. Black Hole Sun
044. Pixel Snobs
045. Reila Skins & Fashion
046. Just Darling
047. Kaylee's Custom Flags & Banners
048. Meshit
049. A&R Designs
050. Grumble
051. Amour Fashions
052. Mind Games
053. Tempestuous Designs
054. Illicit Designs
055. Amped Up Gestures
056. Syrenz Shadows
057. Hidden Treasures
058. Julees Creations
059. Circa Designs
060. Amulet
061. Carriage Trade Minature
062. Reliquia
063. Slacy's
064. ZERO COOL Designz
065. Bitsy Boutique
066. Nishi Designs
067. 2Kill4 & 2Dream Poses
068. Pretty-N-Pink
069. con Charisma Gifts

Monday, June 4, 2012

Greatest Love Present Summer Lovin' Hunt

It's time for another Greatest Love hunt.   The hunt will run from July 7th to July 28th. 
Designers we are now accepting applications to the Sumer Lovin' Hunt.  Please use the following link to fill in the form.  Application will be taken through June 23rd.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hearts Ablaze Hunt Hints and Known Issues List

Welcome to the Hearts Ablaze Hunt.  Please visit this page often during the hunt as we will update information about the hunt here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hearts Ablaze Vendor List

Welcome to the Greatest Love Hearts Ablaze Hunt.  Below is the current list of participatin vendors.  Updated 2/8/2012
HAH #001 Dulce Secrets
HAH #002 Grumble
HAH #003 Shadow Dreams
HAH #004 Avatar Bizarre
HAH #005 Alexohol Fashions
HAH #006 Eternal Dreams
HAH #007 Simply Ayres
HAH #008 Wild Talender
HAH #009 Z Best Textures
HAH #010 RnB Designs Furniture
HAH #011 Visions Gallery
HAH #012 Tree House Treasures
HAH #013 Off the Wall
HAH #014 Sweeter Than Candy
HAH #015 Saris Creations
HAH #016 Designs by Sebastian
HAH #017 Silk Dreams
HAH #018 The Strawberry Box
HAH #019 Wings of Enchantment
HAH #020 Michigans Shack
HAH #021 Chaos, Panic & Disorder
HAH #022 Aster's Builts
HAH #023 Pipper's Place
HAH #024 Dark Vision
HAH #025 Shameless Bits (ADULT SIM)
HAH #026 Genesis INC
HAH #027 Brandy's Boutique
HAH #028 Orchid  Lotus Moondance
HAH #029 Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia
HAH #030 Q & A Wedding Supplies and Services
HAH #031 ChiChi's Pocket
HAH #032 Fabu! Jewelry & More
HAH #033 Wafflez Designs
HAH #034 Cero Style
HAH #035 Stone's Works Annex
HAH #036 Raven's Heart
HAH #037 Fabienne Bolissima Couture
HAH #038 DivaLicious
HAH #039 aQ Creating Lifestyles
HAH #040 Demotik
HAH #041 Maven's Home Furnishing & Decor
HAH #042 Before Sleep
HAH #043 Hot Dolphin Love Animations
HAH #044 Ramel's Designs
HAH #046 TRIDENT Jewelry
HAH #047 The Caproni Style
HAH #048 Stars!
HAH #049 [DEER]
HAH #050 Zero Cool Designz
HAH #051 Seasonal Creations
HAH #052 Garden Oasis
HAH #053 Dressed by Lexi
HAH #054 Aidoru
HAH #055 (In)Discretions
HAH #056 Vero Modero
HAH #057 Earthly Delights
HAH #058 MadPea Store & Interactive Games
HAH #059 Kabuki Creations
HAH #060 Purple Poses
HAH #061 B!asta
HAH #062 Kisetsu
HAH #063 The Crossing
HAH #064 Syrenz Shadowz
HAH #065 Holly's Fashions
HAH #066 Qbee
HAH #067 C & D Designs
HAH #068 Carrie's Lingerie
HAH #069 Hearth & Home
HAH #070 FD Decor
HAH #071 DW Designs (ADULT SIM)
HAH #072 Salamander Airways (ADULT SIM)
HAH #073 KaiAna
HAH #074 Unforgettable Temptations
HAH #075 Tink's This & That
HAH #076 PEER Style
HAH #077 Paris Metro
HAH #078 Amulet
HAH #079 Bound & Bitten (ADULT SIM)
HAH #080 Never Ever
HAH #081 Background Check Textures
HAH #082 Enticing
HAH #083 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HAH #084 Tienda de Textura
HAH #085 Eluzion
HAH #086 Holli Pocket
HAH #087 Amazing Creations
HAH #088 Aimesi
HAH #089 Simply Designed
HAH #090 Urban Chic Couture
HAH #091 Feeel
HAH #092 Sleepy Hollow Farms Home & Garden Design
HAH #093 USC Textures
HAH #094 X-Clusives Animations (ADULT SIM)
HAH #095 Shade Designs
HAH #096 Ais Ink Tattoo
HAH #097 Saucy's Gift Shop
HAH #098 Eric's Art Gallery
HAH #099 TempT
HAH #100 Reila Skins & Fashion
HAH #101 Modish
HAH #103 Blue Buddha Club Supplies
HAH #104 Sephora
HAH #105 Surrogates
HAH #106 Wertina
HAH #107 Le Lolo
HAH #108 Duh!
HAH #109 Leri Miles Designs
HAH #110 Le*se Shapes
HAH #111 Censored
HAH #112 Bedlam
HAH #113 Galleria Designs
HAH #114 Chus!
HAH #115 A BirdSong
HAH #116 Bliensen + MaiTai
HAH #117 Condemned Designs
HAH #118 Hats by Couture Chapeau