Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skipping Stones Hints

Hunters please be aware that vendors may move their objects making the hints outdated.  Please ask in the Greatest Love Group if you get stuck.
#001: Between 2 chairs and against the wall the skipping stone does lie.
#002: Tons of Checkers and Plaids here
#003: Turquoise is a stone that can't be skipped.
#004:  Maybe your letter or number will show up so you get more than 1 prize.
#005:  Look Above The Most Sparkly Dress In The Store!
#006:  cash in on savings
#007:  Choose where you want to go but before you TP pick up your hunt prize.
#008:  I gaze upon the beauty of the outdoors
#009:  In the water is where I lie, not too far and not too nigh
#010:  Her icy stare may freeze stones but her winter nails will crack them.
#011:  This stone is so pretty, I think I'll display it with my other treasures.
#012:  Kicking rocks while they kiss is just plain rude.
#013:  A pair of stones, near some water, one for him and one for her
#014:  I belong in the enchanted forest.
#015:  New releases you will find a skipping stone lying on the ground.
#016:  A perfect cap for a round ball.
#017:  To go from floor to floor you must go round and round.  Don't go down and don't go up but round and round you must go.
#018:  Pillars are at my corners, curtains do decorate me, up on top your gift does await.
#019:  'this skipping stone has the key to my heart'
#020:  I sit inside as it spins around.  You might have to stop the spinning to get me.
#021:  elegance is only a question of high class. its all in your head.
#022:  You look like you need to sit a spell and take a rest.  Just be careful not to sit on the rock since it's not a pillow.
#023:  A Ledge I Sit, Looking Upon Water, All I want Is a Sip
#024:  Give me a Fashion high 5
#025:  Melody is ready for a party.
#026:  "Look for an exotic plant its leaves so large and green. Stand quite ear and have a drink , your gift should then be seen near."
#027:  ʺSarah knows where I am hiding... or maybe Betty... or Pia...ʺ
Taxi to next store:  Bound & Bitten
#029: #029:  Kiss me you fool
#030:  Have a seat after a long day of hunting
#031:  Take a trip to Rockport.
#032:  I love Dancing (In club and Home area)
#033:  Don't get distracted by the grates changing colors or you'll miss the prize.
#034:  Stones make a nice addition to your decor.
#035:  Clodette
#036:  Up near the roof you will find me.
#038:  No you are not vain if you use a vanity.
Taxi to next store:  Lustre Designs
#040:  i love looking at the waterfall
Taxi to next store:  Lindy's Modern & Retro Shoes
#042:  ʺFlat smooth stones are best for skipping!ʺ
#043:  Lay back and relax  under the umbrella...
#044:  Its a pile of rocks...
#045: Enjoy the view.
#046:  When you lounge about you could get stoned.
#047:  Where o where can my prize be.
Over there FULL PERM ROOM has many thing to see.
I look around, did they get sneaky?
Right there it hides, just waiting to GET FREAKY.
#048:  Stones and Pearls like to hang out together...
#049:  I love lighthouses!
#050:  SUMMER may be fading fast but that doesn't mean the fun will stop.
#051:  It's not every day that you find a stone next to an unbroken window.
#052:  You will go to the Ball
Taxi to Next Store:  Anarya Designs
#054:  "Don't forget to water me!"
Taxi to next store:  Le Bistro Interactive Cooking
#056:  I'll just perch up here till I get chocolate.
#057:  This pillow is awfully hard how do you expect me to get any sleep.
#058:  Stones look lovely in bamboo gardens
#059:  Do you feel lucky?  Well if your letters show up you will be.
#060:  Don't be so sad bunny your stone will skip across the water.
#061:  Ewwww......It's really time to take out the trash.
#062:  The cobblestone is a bit uneven be careful not to trip.
#063:  Protector of the Sweets!
#064:  Her heart has sunk to the bottom of her soul just like a stone in a lake.
#065:  The Outlet you must search.
#066:  Store is not ready yet
Taxi to next store:  Evolving Pixels
#067:  Hanging with the big
#068:  "I got skipped WAY up here, good thing the glass didn't break"
#069:  "It will be really hard to do stone skipping with Stonehenge stones!"
Taxi to Next Store:  SkitzoFreniks Designs
#071:  You will find me skimming across the water amongst the flowers.
#072:  Yay Freebies !!! (upper floor only)
#073:  soft and warm, sit and snuggle up
#074:  Such a great place to play hide and seek but make sure your shoes don't stick out.
Taxi to Next Store:  Brogan Cael Designs
#076:  These two very sexy ladies hide a wonderful prize.
#077: Upper Floor "CHESTNUT"
#078:  I should fire the cleaner, I found still so much dust in the corners and under the furniture
#079:  I Love Grandmothers Old Chair.
#080:  Stand on the dock and throw stones.
#081:  Balance
#082:  Monique has a surprise for you.