GLG Designer Info

1a. You, your representative, or your often checked alt may join the hunt group and use the hunt group as a sales group. You have posting rights as a hunt vendor. You may post 1 notice a week about new releases, sales and events including other hunts.
1b. You, your representative, or your often checked alt will be on a mailing list for hunt communications. Please make sure that the person you list as an alternate contact is aware that they ARE your alternate contact. I've sent hunt materials to people who had no clue they were a stores alternate contact.
2. You agree to design a hunt gift that pushes you to the edge of your creativity. This hunt is looking for designers that want to challenge themselves and give hunters a chance to see something new from their favorite designers.
3. You agree to rezz your sign 2 weeks prior to start of the hunt. There will not be a walkthrough for this hunt.
4. You understand that stores not having hunt object hidden at the very start of the hunt will most like be getting IM's and notecard from very upset hunters. I will attempt to contact you 3 times before you are dropped from the hunt.
5. You must read/write fluent English.
6. This hunt is not a freebie hunt all object are to be set to $10L and contents.
7. If you move lease send me a "We Are Moving" notecard found in your welcome packet.

Greatest Love Group When Pigs Fly Hunt Application

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