Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Updated Hints

Due to a notecard with direct SLurls to the Quest for Excalibur Hunt Object I have asked vendors to move the object. Some vendors have been nice enough to give a 2nd hint. Here are the current hints for the move. Good luck!!
#001 Dulce Secrets - 1 of 3 Take a moment to wander through the garden. Sit and ponder life while swinging in the swing. What's that at your feet?
2 of 3 While pondering life you spy a lovely green house. Explore the green house to find your gift.
3 of 3 As you prepare for the next leg on your quest you may want to take a picture of yourself for posterity.
#002 Aster's Builts Off to attend a wedding...but wasn't invited? Wonder what wedding theme it was............
#015 DragonLady Designs Vanessa took the sword! We may have to fire her because she steals things. Find Vaness, the sword is nearby.
#049 Avatar Bizarre In the water I live Brush against me and a sting I give...

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