Sunday, February 7, 2010

GL Show Your Love Event Part 2

Can you feel the love? I know I sure am feelin' it! The event sure is making me long for the flowers of spring. 2 lovely shapes from a brand new designer Journey Plutonian began our 2nd round of gifts. Followed by the pretty as a flower, Poppy Dress, from Pema Bosatsu. Then an elegant pair of earrings from Airis Mertel. The next set of gifts came from UrDesire Nishi. Ur sent out two lovely gifts. A jewelry set for us ladies and a diamond ring for you guys. OMG....did DragonLady Majestic send another gift? Yes she did. Cleverly boxed in a rolled up carpet is a rug and yes, a vaccuum. Felt a little silly for vaccuuming my rug already.

Poppy Dress from Pema in Pieces
Hope Jewelry Set from Nishi Designs
Crystal 83 Shape from a new designer Journey Plutonian
Crystal Shape 76 from Journey Plutonian
Rug from DragonLady Designs

Expresion of Love Earrings from Jairis

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