Friday, February 26, 2010

GL Quest for Excalibur Hints

Hunt objects are subject to move at the descretion of the store owner. Please do not contact store owners if the hints are outdated. Some store owners declined to provide hints please respect the spirit of the hunt and not give direct LM or TP's to hunt objects.
#001 (1 of 3) What would you like? How may I help you? Oh your looking for the small sword in the stone! Let me sit here and think where it may be?
(2 of 3) Although seen as an art trimming these tiny trees is also said to been seen as theraputic and calming!
(3 of 3) As you prepare for the next leg on your quest you may want to wander the garden outside the store and take a moment to relax.

#002 Yum yum...but can't choose which one, chocolate or purple? or even black. Two rings joined as one. Yummy Cakes! See me?

#003 Do you think Merlin made this sparkle?

#004 King Arthur would expect a better seat.

#005 You'll find me hanging over the enchantment of old Britain.

#006 No Hint Provided

#007 Seek out the furthest corner from which you land. The sight of gnarled roots, wild grasses and ruins will stand. Amongst the rocks and beneath the light of the moon , you'll find the prize waiting for you.

#008 Just as Arthur must find the Holy Grail.

#009 Can you cut cakes with swords?

#010 No Hint Provided

#011 Find a clue to get a clue...silly touch that hint giver.

#012 Leprechans are not the only ones who will love this TREASURE!

#013 Look around the handloom.

#014 No Hint Provided

#015 There aren't many safe places to hide a sword here, so I would look for an out-of-the-way high shelf.

#016 Dare to explore the pixel jungle in miniature.....pixels.....yeah.....that!

#017 It's just a flesh wound.

#018 Pleasing the lady has it perks!

#019 Want to be a ROCK STAR? Or just like rock music? Pick a band, any band!

#020 Where math sleeps and hovertext weeps, within the pinnacle you shall find that which you seek.

#021 Come use me to do a search on the Legion of Excalibur!

#022 No Hint Provided

#023 Take pause in your hunting and reflect on the wonderful vendors that are offering you such great items.

#024 No Hint Provided

#025 Who's watching me?

#026 No Hint Provided

#027 Sit here and dance like a faerie!

#028 No Hint Provided

#029 Ask MissFortunes

#030 Where faeries dare to dream!

#031 See if you can find the cave - look there.

#032 Above the Rainbow

#033 No Hint Provided

#034 No Hint Provided

#035 No Hint Provided

#036 No Hint Provided

#037 From my view I can see every contest!

#038 No Hint Provided

#039 This prize don't like to stay on the too much stay well covered....

#040 The fountain looks ethereal and bears the initials of both the store name, and the owner's name. Something near it seems a bit out of place, but it's good that it's there.

#041 No Hint Provided

#042 Just find "Arthuro" under the willow (not the one with the hammock ^^ and you will find the hunt-sword.

#043 If you back yourself into a CORNER, perhaps these LANTERNS will light your way.

#044 No Hint Provided

#045 No Hint Provided

#046 No Hint Provided

#047 No Hint Provided

#048 No Hint Provided

#049 Drago Dormiens Nunquam Titilladus...Truer words never were....For you are crunchy and good with ketchup. What are those gnashing sounds? RAR and Grr!

#050 No Hint Provided

#051 Coffee, Tea or ?????????????

#052 Follow the Stars, I love to Rock.

#053 Even Arthur needs a rest sometimes

#054 The gift is on the top floor.

#055 No Hint Provided

#056 No Hint Provided

#057 No Hint Provided

#058 No Hint Provided

#059 Main shop, first floor, red roses always brighten the day.

#060 You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

#061 Walk along the half-broken wall at north end of the sim. The Sword stays quietly among the white oriental lilies.

#062 Check all the crates downstairs, especially over in that far right corner.

#063 No Hint Provided

#064 No Hint Provided

#065 No Hint Provided

#066 King Arthur: Looking at the cake is like looking at the future, until you've tasted it what do you really know? And then, of course, it's too late.

#067 Whether ye be King or Queen, the Crown is the thing.

#068 No Hint Provided

#069 Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue. - John Herschel

#070 You can grow these under the stairs and some kinds are said to be quite euphoric. Look for them in the underground maze and here you will find your prize.

#071 No Hint needed, easy to find

#072 Is that a hint box? I think I'll buy those hints!! Wow, many hints for many hunts now to find the sword!

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