Friday, September 3, 2010

Adult SIM Work Arounds

The Greatest Love What's Your Sign Hunt has several Adult themed stores on Adult SIMs. We recogonize that many hunters have either not age verified their avatars or have chosen not to because of their own countries laws, personal choice or they are playing a child avatar in SecondLife. If you are unable to visit an Adult SIM please use the links provided below to continue on the hunt. Thanks!

Aquarius Path (No Adult SIMs)

From Bound and Bitten To Urban Republic Co
From Adult gestures by Amy to Love Zombie

Cancer (No Adult SIMs)

Capricorn (No Adult SIMs)

Gemini (No Adult SIMs)

Leo (No Adult SIMs)

Libra (No Adult SIMs)

From Erotixx Gestures over DW Designs over Talon Creations to Secrets of Gaia

From Lantian over Salamander World to Cero Style

Scorpio (No Adult SIMs)

Taurus (No Adult SIMs)

Virgo (No Adult SIMs)

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