Sunday, February 3, 2013

Secret Sale Hunt Begins Feb 10th

Hello Hunters!  Greatest Love presents a brand new type of hunt.  Unlike most hunts where your looking for a hunt object the Secret Sale Hunt has no object to find.  So your probably wondering if there is no hunt object then what type of hunt is this...  Well,  the Secret Sale Hunt is 54 stores having a secret sale simultaneously.  Each store has numerous items on sale for under $100L and each store has at least one $0L item.  Now the hunt part of this is you need to find the sale items.  Some stores will make it easy for you by have a "SALE" sign next to the items they have marked for sale while other stores will have you hunt down the item.  Now there will be a few stores that will change their sale items during the hunt.  Since there is no hunt object you will need to visit the blog to get the SLurl to the next store.  We have included information as to how many sale items there are at the store, how many $0L items, and if the store will change the items during the hunt.  Please join The Greatest Love Group to find out more about this hunt and to get help from other group members.
Below you'll find the list of participating stores.  More information will be coming soon.
Dulce Secrets
Imagine Flowers and Garden
Miss Darcy
Cilian'gel Boutique
Moondance Boutique
Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
Piddler's Perch
Stars!  (exclamation mark is part of the title)
Aster's Wedding Invitations and Accessories
L'aize Dayz
New York Couture
Bound & Bitten
Designs by Sebastian
Silk Dreams Fashions
Bayview Market
*Anymore StOrE
Steaming Ahead
Gothic's Musing
Tree House Treasures
LoveCats Designs
Pillows & Things
MID Maribol Inshan Designs
*Akeana'a Architecture*
Kabuki Creations
CIRCA Living
Kakia Designs
[: B!ASTA :]
The Phoenix Collections
bacidalucia village
Fantasy China
.::Pure Poison::.
Style by Kira
Nvious By GG
~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~
Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Gaea Designs
MM's Home Bargains & Gestures
Digital Aura

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