Monday, January 21, 2013

SHHHHH......Greatest Love Presents Secret Sale Hunt

  Greatest Love is proud to present their next hunt; The Secret Sale Hunt.  Greatest Love wanted to do something a bit different for their next hunt.  As we all know that the economy in both RL and SL has not been the best for several years.  Both shoppers and vendors have felt this crunch in SL.  Shoppers are looking for the best deals and sales.  Vendors are doing their best to stay competitive with each other and yet still try and make their monthly tier.  We all have seen many many stores close over this economic crisis.  Greatest Love hopes that this unique hunt will hopefully fulfill 2 things; 1. Give those who love hunts something totally different from the usual object hunt and a chance to save Lindens at their favorite stores. 2.  Give hunt vendors something totally different from making a hunt gift to a chance to make sales during a hunt event.
Hunters you will need to visit Greatest Love blog during the hunt to get the SLurls to each store that is participating.  The blog will tell you how many items each store has on sale.  The sale items will all be $100L or less.  At least ONE of the sale items will be $0L.  Some stores will be changing their sale items from time to time during the hunt so you will definitely want to go back to those stores to get even more deals. 

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